How to Wear a Boot Knife | The Ultimate Guide

There are many reasons why it might be a good idea to have a boot knife ready to go at any given moment. When you are outdoors, there is no telling what will happen; nature is precarious. Prepare yourself for the worst, by always being prepared. here we are going to learn about how to wear a boot knife

Quick History of boot knives

Boot knives, also known as daggers, have been around since BC. The material build that was used was bones, ivory, or flint. In Egypt, daggers were used for ceremonial purposes.

The modern day boot is much more convenient for boot knives because they are larger and built with better and more innovative materials.

In this guide, we will provide you with tips on how to wear a boot knife.  This will help you when you are out in the wilderness; stay equipped with a quick and accessible weapon that can be a vital piece when it comes to life or death. Not only can knives protect us, they also prove to be useful for many outdoorsy purposes.

As an outdoors person, you’ll most likely use your knife for cutting wire, wood, rope, hunting for food (if you are stranded), defending yourself against another person who has a weapon, or against wildlife. It is your life, carry a knife.

Things You Will Need & Tips On Wearing a Boot Knife

First and foremost, make sure to use your boot knife responsibly and safely.  In order to wear a boot knife, you need to have sizable boots or shoes, your knife can’t be too big or too small.  Think of it this way, the bigger the shoes, the larger the knife, but the knife must still be smaller than the shoe in order to mount it properly.

There are several ways you can mount your knife.  Below we will provide several strategies to help you mount it correctly.

Before you even think of learning about knives and boots, you need to make sure that you safeguard your knife with a sheath, which is a closely fitted cover in other words.  If you don’t protect yourself with a sheath cover, you could potentially harm yourself, causing pain, wounds, and unnecessary medical bills.

Any time you are trying to mount your boot knife, make sure that you mount the sheath first, this way, you can insert your knife right in.

At the end of the day, if you happen to be in a dire situation when you are out on a trail, you don’t want to have to remove the sheath and then use the knife, that is two steps versus one. You need to be able to use your knife and not have the extra step of removing your knife from its cover (the sheath).

Quick tips on wearing boot knife

  • Make sure your knife isn’t too big or small for the shoes that you have (sizes vary, as every individual is unique).
  • Mount the sheath (knife cover) to your boot, instead of mounting your knife (you don’t have to choose this method; below we will learn other ways to properly wear a boot knife).
  • Keep knives away from children and pets, disarm your shoe when you arrive at home.
  • Disconnect your knife when you begin to mount your sheath to your boot or shoe
  • Mount your sheath securely, this will allow you to have quick access to your knife. The whole goal is to not have to remove the knife’s cover; remember, in life or death situation, one-step is better than two.
  • Having a boot knife is often discreet, depending on how you place it onto your shoe or boot.

Okay, now, that we’ve learned the basics of protecting your knifes blade, you want to learn exactly how to mount your knife.

How to wear a boot knife? (Step-by-Step Guide)

  1. You can decide to take the easy route, you can simply buy a high-top boot, once you do so, put your boots on your feet, then easily slide your knife into your boot with the sheath cover that protects the blade. If you choose this route, you will need to remove the sheath cover before you have access to the knife. This step may be easy, but it doesn’t mean that it is the most effective, considering you need to follow two steps instead of one.

This is not an ideal step if you are being attacked by an animal, as you want to be able to have faster access to your knife.  Having to remove the sheath limits and holds you up.

  1. If you are out shopping for boots, make sure you buy boots with a boot ring. Boots these days are designed for carrying knives, so if you are lucky and you want to spend, wear a boot knife, but search for a boot with a specialized pocket, ring, or sheath holder for your knife. Boot designers are creating advanced knife holders for boots and shoes these days.

Buying this type of boot and utilizing this method will save you the run around when it comes to learning to mount your sheath and knife onto your boot/shoe.

  1. Of course, not all of us can afford to buy new shiny and equipped boots, this is why we will teach you how to properly mount your knife and sheath onto your boot/shoelaces that are right inside of your closet.

Items you will need:

  • Boot/Shoe
  • Knife
  • Sheath
  • Lace

*Note—the knife should not be too short or too long before you decide to learn how to wear a boot knife, you need to strategically and carefully consider the size of the knife before moving forward.

If you are a righty, strap your knife onto the right boot, if you’re a lefty, add it to your left side. You get the picture.

  1. Make sure the sheaths top half is placed right above your boots top. As for the part of your knife that sticks out of your boot, use a shoelace and wrap it around the knife and your calf for ultimate support.  Once you pull the knife out of the sheath, this will allow you a quick draw, instead of a delayed reaction.
  1. Another method you can use, tie your knife with the covered sheath to your boot shoelaces in the front. This happens to be our favourite method since it is secure and tightly strapped into your bootlaces.  When you take your knife out, the sheath will stay in its original position; waiting to protect your knife, once you put your weapon back into its cover.

With this method, you won’t have to use the extra step and take the knife out of the sheath.  This allows you to have more time to defend yourself in an emergency situation.

Whether aggressive people or wild animals are coming after you on the trail, wearing a boot knife will allow you quick accessibility, since reaching down to your calf is only a small stretch away from your hand.

Warning’s, Take Heed

Make sure that you keep your knife away from children or pets.  It’s true when we get home, we’re lazy, we take our shoes off and usually keep them near the door. If you are carrying a boot knife, you need to be fully cognizant and make sure to remove and store your boot knife in an area a child or pet does not have access to.

Keep sharp and dangerous items away from children and pets at all costs. We cannot stress this fact enough.

*Whenever you are situating your knife and sheath, always remove your sharp knife first.

Don’t buy a cheap knife, otherwise, it will be useless carrying it around.  It is important to pick a quality knife that is sharp and works.

Never try to mount your knife if you are not fully clear-headed and if you are intoxicated, you will end up cutting yourself.

Do not draw your knife unless you are certain you are in a dangerous situation.

Protect Your Life

Since you are an outdoorsy connoisseur, then you of all people, should know the importance a knife plays in our everyday lives on a mysterious trail.  From simplistic matters to complicated, it is always a wise decision to carry a boot knife. Now that you have a general idea as to how to properly mount your boot knife, you have no excuse.

Follow the steps accordingly, as you don’t want to accidentally misplace, or even worse, lose your new knife on the long trail you are about to embark upon. Losing the items we work hard for can be annoying or devastating, depending on the sentiment behind the item.  Always test your boot knife out while practice walking and pay close attention, this will allow you to see what works and what doesn’t.

If you aren’t prepared, there is no one to blame but yourself.  Make sure to constantly educate yourself about how you can protect yourself on and off the field at all times of the day.