How to Shoot Recurve bow Accurately | Complete 101 Guide

Recurve bows are a popular type of bow in archery and can be used for multiple purposes including target shooting, competitions, and hunting. It is therefore in keeping with basic knowledge of recurve bows that you should familiarize yourself with the workings of this great invention.

These are a few important things to consider and tips that will help you in understanding how to shoot a recurve bow accurately, of whichever type; traditional, Olympic or just plain basic.

Learning how to shoot your best recurve bow is a precise technique that requires one to be well-versed and thoroughly learned in the field of archery. The process is focus-driven and the shooter must be prepared to deal with any arising issues brought about by careless aiming.

The improper technique usually comes as a result of inconsistency in shooting due to a lack of practice, arrows that are stray or not properly held. So what does it take to be an accurate archer who knows how to shoot properly?

The Stance

You should be comfortable and relaxed when taking your shot using a recurve bow, with a good sighting of your target while in the proper archery stance for you to hit the target accurately. Pick the right day for this: a warm sunny day, when you are well rested, as this is where it starts.

For maximum stability, stand with feet parted at shoulder-width with your hip pointing the target. If your right hand is the most active, stand with your left hip pointing the target, the reverse if you are left-handed. Make sure the rest of your body is vertically aligned, don’t lean sideways for whatever reason. Take deep breaths to keep relaxed.

Dominant eye

This is the eye customarily used for tasks involving the use of one eye. Aim with your dominant eye while keeping your other eye closed as it is much more reliable for you for target acquisition. You could decide to cover your other eye with a pirate’s patch, for effect! The notches in the sight of the bow should help you line up your target.

The Grip

When learning how to shoot a bow, this is possibly the most important tip. Pay close attention to your grip. Try as much as you can to put this into practice: Having a bad grip or a less than firm one will not allow you to receive the necessary aim you seek.

Do not grip the bow too tight, however, as that restricts the amount of force that is exerted and can potentially affect the string that is secured to the recurve bow. Ensure you apply as much as pressure as possible in your grip, avoiding a tight hold on the bow.

Hold the string in the first crease belong the tips of your fingers and release all of the fingers to ensure an accurate shot.

Drawing and Anchoring

So you’ve made it this far in shooting your bow, but there are a few other things to put into consideration. You aren’t there yet! Perfect your drawing and anchoring. The movement has to be constant and sturdy. If the motion is changed or altered it can have an effect on the stance and the shot itself.

One may think that the more you practice the better your drawing and anchoring gets. Wrong!! Unfortunately, it’s not the amount of time you put in, but how regularly you do it that counts. Pros recommend you shoot at least 2-3 arrows daily to maintain the proper form to get yourself acquainted with your new archer self, failure to which would lead to a setback in your endeavors to become an expert archer. Also, hang out with the pros so they can show you their secrets to great archery.

Proper Aim and Release

Holding the bow accurately is just as important as releasing it properly. Hold the bow in a drawn position and focus on the acquired target. You may have to adjust the arrow level to ensure you hit the target as best you can.

There may even have to be some instinctive bow shooting with this particular tip because of the fact that often beginners aim for precise shots each and every time and has to adjust their arrow according to how best they feel it will adequately hit the target. Steady your aim and push the fingers that hold the bow forward then allow the arrow’s steady and powerful release.


Maintenance of your bow and its accessories

Your equipment will let you down sooner or later regardless of whether you are a pro shooter or just starting out in this wonderful world of archery if your equipment is not in tip-top shape. It is recommended that you should properly wax your bow strings for them to remain supple as they tend to lose flexibility with time without maintenance.

It is better and much more cost-effective to spend a few bucks on waxing a week as opposed to spending a whopping $100+ on a new set of strings! Don’t forget to conduct regular and supervised checks on the bow and its accessories for optimum performance.

Safety first:

Exercise caution when handling these sharp weapons. Be and stay safe as these are highly dangerous tools that could cause multiple injuries and a possible loss of life. Wear protective clothing and maintain your distance.

All these tips are easy to execute by equipment maintenance, proper execution of shooting and practicing techniques in real hunting conditions.