How to Aim A Bow Without Sights (Recurve and compound bow)

Want to Be An Archery Pro?

 There are plenty of reasons why learning to aim a bow without bow sight is often a cool skill to have.  You can brag to all of your hunter and archery friends that you can aim without buying sight and if you are able to hit the target without it, then you will look like the ultimate professional in archery.

Not only this, the skill will help you become a faster hunter when it comes to targeting your prey with precise skill and movement. Go on and impress others with the skill of properly aiming a bow and succeeding.

If you happen to know how to aim a bow without sight then this means that you are in the intermediate ranks, in the sport of archery.  If you want to buy sight, you can purchase this extended piece of equipment at a sporting goods store for around $40.00 dollars.  Let’s face it, newbies can’t properly aim a bow without using precise sight.

In order to become an intermediate/expert in archery, you need to practice for long periods of time.  Practice properly by holding your bow up straight, parallel to your chest, extend one arm outward and the other arm backward, now aim.


Note* It may be helpful to purchase the extended sight equipment that you can add to your bow, this will help you practice with sight. Once you know how to do this, aiming will become easier. After you master your aim and targets with sight, you will be able to aim and reach your target without sight.

As the saying always goes, practice makes perfect, this is true in this sense.

  1. Perhaps try learning how to aim with sight first. Practice until you cannot practice anymore. Learning any type of new skill takes time, you need to dedicate time to getting better at your new skill, especially if you want to impress the true experts and rise the ranks in archery.
  1. Make sure to test out your equipment before you begin. Gently wiggle each item in your equipment inventory, make sure that the components are properly in place and ready to aim and shoot.
  1. Be sure to analyze your bowstring alignment as well as the arrow. You need to assure that nothing is wrong with each component.
  1. Stand upright with your body and feet perpendicular to each other, standing comfortably is essential to aiming and hitting your targeting.
  1. Properly ensure that the targets you are aiming for are safe to shoot arrows in. You certainly do not want preventable accidents to occur, because you were negligent and were aiming in an improper area.
  1. Create your own targets (we will discuss how to create targets in a separate article).
  1. Be sure to use the same wrist movement each time you aim. Once you find out what works, run with it. Although, you will need to constantly fine-tune your skill every time you pull back and let go of your bowstring. Hit your target, this is your goal.  Remember, small wins will turn into big wins.
  1. As with any sport, you need to invest time in practicing the movements that work for you. Realize that different archery pros have several different tactics, try to study up on the archery pros and you may learn more tips about how to aim a bow and hit your target each time.
  1. Read more about bows and aiming without sights, you have the internet at your fingertips. It is wise that you learn every aspect of what you are having trouble with. Are you having trouble with hand steadiness, so you miss your target each time?
  1. Once you master the difficult areas that you personally struggle with, it only gets easier as time passes; you need to become primed for the target.
  1. Archery requires concentration, if your hand is too shaky each time your wrist pulls back on the bowstring, then you need to look into your mind, body, and soul; now determine that you need to meditate to achieve more focus. Start to practice your focusing skills, by drowning out all distraction, concentrate on deep breathing. Soon you will aim in the fast lane.

Sure, using sights on bows help with precise vision and bullseye targeting, but knowing how to aim your bow and hit the target without this additional tool is essential in some cases, especially if you want to hit prey on-the-go in the wild, wild, wilderness.  Getting in touch with nature is good for your mind, body, and soul.  Learning this new skill of aiming a bow without sights is an accomplishment that all archery pros should discover.

Any skill that is valuable takes time to hone, it also requires true passion and dedication to master the exciting sport of archery