Best Longbow 2022 | Reviews and Buying Guide By Expert

It’s not a surprise that technology is gradually stifling our day-to-day lives. The more we gaze at our screens for instant amusements, the more we are distancing from nature.

As a result of this crawling reality, many individuals choose to be contrarian and step away from their phones and tablets.

Something similar is happening in the archery realm, where many archers are shifting towards traditional longbows and ditching their compound bows away for a while.

Shooting a longbow may simply be one of the “most perfect” approaches to appreciate traditional and natural archery. You will depend more on your abilities and the feeling of the sport to get and make those shots. In contrast to a compound bow, longbows can be viewed as a more standard approach to natural hunting or shooting instincts.

Longbows are excellent for newcomers as they are not complicated and easy to use. Since they don’t have any extra limbs that a compound or recurve bows have, you have to worry less about bending while shooting.

Obviously, a skilled and experienced archer will perform just as better as with a recurve or compound bow. So it’s a win-win situation for both a seasoned player and a beginner.

While it’s true that you need a lot of skill, patience, and practice to become adroit at this sport, there is one thing that can put you in a perfect spot to get better at this sport — a good bow.

It is really that simple. You see, a bow that is perfectly designed with quality and aids in your style will help you get better way faster and also improve your shooting experience.

So if you’ve decided to purchase a longbow, let us tell you something… You are in the perfect place. You may ask why?


We are here to make sure that you receive that perfect longbow without compromising on the money or the quality either. Plus, we have just the information you’re looking for as we have segregated this list of the best 12 longbows after days of research, comparison, and physical testing of over 30+ longbows.

We’ve done the hard work for you by investing the hours and money to ensure that you get the right bow.

What makes us your only stop is that we have explicitly tested the products to ensure that the needs of hunters are answered, such as cost, performance, handling, grip, quality, stability, flexibility, and so forth.

Therefore, after extensive quality testing and cross-checking features, we have some of the best longbows worthy of your consideration, along with a buying guide that’ll steer you while you are purchasing a longbow for yourself.

So we’d say how about we plunge deeper and get yourself the longbow you need that will assist you with getting competent and, eventually, enhance the shooting experience.

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What are the best longbows in 2022?

LongbowDraw WeightAMO LengthPrice
SAS Pioneer Traditional Longbow35 to 60 lbs68 inchesCheck Price
Bear Archery Montana LongBow30 to 60 lbs64 inchesCheck Price
SAS Gravity 64″ Hunting Longbow25 to 55 lbs64 inchesCheck Price
AF Archery Handmade Laminated American Longbow20 to 55 lbs60 inchesCheck Price
Martin Archery Savannah Stealth Longbow40 to 60 lbs64 inchesCheck Price
PSE Sequoia Longbow45 to 55 lbs68 inchesCheck Price
OMP Ozark Hunter Longbow35 to 55 lbs68 inchesCheck Price
Hungarian Style Handmade Longbow20 to 110 lbs54 inchesCheck Price
PSE ARCHERY Oryx Longbow30 to 55 lbs68 inchesCheck Price
Southwest Archery Scorpion Traditional Hunting Long Bow25 to 60 lbs68 inchesCheck Price
SinoArt Sparrow 54″ Traditional Long Bow20 to 35 lbs54 inchesCheck Price
Ragim Archery Longbow20 to 60 lbs66 inchesCheck Price

Here we have curated a list of the 12 best longbows out there in the market according to cost, effectiveness, grip, feel, reviews, and many more. So take a pick according to your style and leisure.

SAS Pioneer Traditional Longbow

SAS Pioneer Traditional Longbow


  • Draw Weight:- 35 to 60 lbs
  • Max Draw Length:- 30 inches
  • Bow Length:- 68 inches
  • Availability:- Right Hand
  • Materials:- Fibreglass, Leather, and Wood
  • Arrow shelf:- Yes

The longbow that took our first spot is from South Archery Supply or SAS. We have to say — this is the bow that’d attract you every time you look at it. SAS has been crafting many longbows for years, and all of their models are excellent, but this one has evolved in both aesthetics and durability as well as the feeling you get by holding the bow, let alone the grip.

SAS has made this bow with all premium technologies and quality material with the highest care while providing a fantastic traditional look. Let’s understand what’s so special about this longbow.

gbow comes with a unique riser made from Makore and Cassia siamea wood, where makore is rot-resistant and cassia is robust and sturdy. This rare combination is what sets this longbow apart from other competitors.

The limbs of the longbow are constructed and reinforced from Maple and fiberglass, respectively. Many modern longbows use fiberglass to fortify the limbs to be sturdy and durable and last longer.

Tip:- You can use Fast-flight or Flemish string on this longbow for more accurate draw weight.

We can assure you that the bow is crafted to the highest standards, and you will not find the same quality in most other longbows. You can understand this by simply holding the bow.

Talking about the grip, it is fantastic and has a size that fits all hands. Additionally, the grip is covered in smooth leather that provides optimum solace to your hands while protecting your arm and the bow. SAS did an excellent job of delivering the size that fits precisely in your hand.

You get a draw weight of 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, and 60 lbs. For beginners, we would recommend starting with lower poundage as it will aid you in shooting smoothly. You can even hunt with this fabulous bow. However, to hunt, at least start with 45 lbs and some broadhead arrows.

Speaking of experience, you might encounter a tad bit of hand shock while shooting, but that is normal for longbows. Don’t worry; it is just a slight hand shock than other longbows we’ve tested till now.

The performance and accuracy of the longbow are up to our expectations. It has a super performance, and the accuracy is excellent as it has a centered arrow shelf. The arrow shelf makes the shooting experience more comfortable as it has fur padding, and the string has a nocking point.

The only drawback of this longbow is that it is only available for right-handed users. That’s a really unfortunate sorrow for lefties and a minor snag from SAS. Overall the bow takes full stars in material, design, flexibility, performance, value for money, and user satisfaction.

What We Like:-

  • Powerful and Fast longbow
  • Compatible with different strings
  • Adequate for hunting purposes by an experienced archer
  • Incredible quality and structure
  • Attractive price
  • A universal grip that fits all hands

Our Concerns:-

  • Only available for Right Handed users


Finally, our word for this bow is that you’d never go wrong with this bow, and it is one of the most attractive and affordable bows on our list. The bow is suitable for both beginners and seasoned archers as well as for target shooting and hunting. So a strong, powerful, attractive, meticulously crafted, and affordable longbow, what else do you need?

Our Score:- 4.9/5


Bear Archery Montana LongBow

Bear Archery Montana LongBow


  • Draw Weight:- 30 to 60 lbs
  • Draw Length:- 26 or 28 inches
  • Bow Length:- 64 inches
  • Availability:- Right Hand and Left Hand
  • Materials:- Fibreglass, future wood, leather
  • Arrow shelf:- Yes

Bear archery introduced the Montana longbow for the first time during the late 90s, and ever since that, it’s been a famous longbow for its excellent design, sleek performance, and quality. Bear archery Montana longbow comes with an attractive traditional look.

The riser of this longbow is made from Dymondwood maple, and it is radiused and cut-on-center. The limbs feature an overlaid white maple with black fiberglass to obligate strength and durability.

We love how it is crafted, and the reinforced handcrafted beautiful tips with layered fiberglass make it more sturdy and classy. Generally, longbows limbs tend to wear and tear. However, since the Bear Montana Longbow is coated with white maple and black fiberglass, it becomes more durable and long-lasting while preventing wear and tear and becoming more reliable, especially for long hunting.

Talking about the grip, we had an incredible experience while testing the bow. The leather grip is primarily the most sumptuous part of this longbow. Bear Montana did an excellent job of offering a smooth finish to the grip so that the arrows can quickly fly without any hindrance to their speed.

When you hold the bow, the grip fits like a glove, and once you shoot the arrow, you get to listen to that gratifying THWIP sound. The leather handle sits perfectly on the hands, and drawing the bow and shooting process is very smooth.

The bow is excellent for hunting. Performance-wise this bow is impressive and can compete with other longbows. The accuracy and quickness of both get additional points. As for the string, the longbow comes with a D97 Flemish Twist Bowstring.

The recommended brace height from the manufacturer is around 7 ½ to 8 ½ inches. The AMO length of this bow is 64 inches, so the string size is 61 inches (remember, we subtract 3). You can release quick shots with this longbow, and if you wish, you can also utilize a string silencer.

This longbow comes with 30 to 60 pounds of draw weight. The ideal draw length of this bow is 26 or 28 inches. Montana longbow is available for both left and right-handed users. However, this longbow is not suitable for new archers as you need some sober muscle work, so this is the only flaw of the longbow.

Montana is the perfect blend of modern archery and traditional woodwork. The release is smooth, and thus there is little to no vibration. The stability of the bow is lovely.

What We Like:-

  • Classic combinations and attractive design
  • Soundless and swift
  • Different draw weight for both left and right-handed users
  • Great for hunting and practice
  • Reflex design, tapered and slim tips make it more on value, performance, and comfort

Our Concerns

  • Not suitable for beginners


The Bear Montana Longbow is robust, accurate, stable, and fast. The reflex design keeps the vibration to a minimum, and the tips tapered with limb lamination and slimmer tips offer tremendous speed and stability. The bow is suitable for any user and ideal for hunting as well as target shooting or practicing.

Our Score:- 4.5/5


SAS Gravity 64″ Hunting Longbow

SAS Gravity 64" Hunting Longbow


  • Draw Weight:- 25 to 55 lbs
  • Max Draw Length:- 28 inches
  • Bow Length:- 64 inches
  • Availability:- Right Hand and Left Hand
  • Materials:- Fibreglass, wood
  • Arrow shelf:- Yes

Another Longbow on our list is coming from SAS, making it the best longbow brand out there in the market. It gets special attention to its unique and excellent design and sleek crafting. This model from SAS is a bit different from the one we mentioned above, but the quality and feel remain the same.

So if your passion is hunting and archery, this longbow is what you need to get the experience you’ve always craved for. Unlike its previous model that we mentioned above, this bow can be used by both lefties and righties.

The longbow is 64 inches long and is suitable for a tall person as well. The high-quality wood used in the construction adds to the glossy and smooth look. The longbow is meticulously handcrafted and is suitable for a fast flight string.

While we were holding the bow, it felt really lightweight, and anyone can easily grip it. We had a comfortable shooting and hunting experience with the bow, all thanks to its fantastic design and excellent grip.

Talking about the design, this longbow boasts a unique deflex limb design that provides dead-on accuracy combined with 64 inches length it becomes a smooth shooting experience. The limbs of the longbow are constructed with quality hard maple and black fiberglass, making the bow more durable and elegant.

This maple core and fiberglass adds more to the stability as well. While operating the bow, we felt little to almost no hand shock at all. Besides that, the bow is impressive for hunting as it is not only more accurate but quiet and easy to tune as well.

The hands fit the grip perfectly without a hitch, and the draw of the longbow is sleeky. You get 25 to 55 lbs of draw weight. Since shooting the bow is smooth and reliable, you’ll get consistent accuracy, let alone better stability.

Another best thing about SAS longbows is that they have one of the best customer services in the world. They are the best in the market and treat their customers really well. In addition to this, the SAS gravity longbow comes with a radiused shelf that aids in decreasing the number of bow-to-arrow touches while enabling better flight.

The only drawback we felt is that the bow is a bit pricey as compared to its previous models and doesn’t come with any accessories. Overall the bow’s quality, durability, longevity, hold, design, grip, and feel are up to our expectations.

The SAS gravity longbow has a perfect grip that fits in hand precisely and an excellent ergonomic design.

What We Like:-

  • Accurate, robust, and lightweight
  • Top-notch quality construction
  • Glossy look and design
  • Compatible with Fast Flight string
  • Reinforced limbs with black fiberglass and maple core

Our Concerns:-

  • A bit costly


SAS Gravity Hunting Longbow is a beautiful bow for hunting and practicing due to its durability, accuracy, stability, quietness, and size, as well as weight. Right, and left-handed archers both can use this bow. The construction of the bow is remarkable, and the quality is immaculate.

Our Score:- 4.5/5


AF Archery Handmade Laminated American Longbow

AF Archery Handmade Laminated American Longbow


  • Draw Weight:- 20 to 55 lbs
  • Max Draw Length:- 32 inches
  • Bow Length:- 60 inches
  • Availability:- Right Hand
  • Materials:- Fibreglass, color wood, bamboo
  • Arrow shelf:- Yes

For those who have an interest in handmade bows, we have just the one on our list by AF archery. This traditional longbow resembles the ones used by indigenous Americans, and you would feel at home when wielding this excellent bow in the wild.

The longbow looks stunning and absolutely beautiful in every single way. It’s a superb piece of equipment that features top-to-end meticulously hand-crafted woodwork with a traditional sleek design. This American longbow is enjoying a 5-star rating across the board. Let’s understand what sets this one apart from other conventional longbows.

First of all, the look is so gorgeous and classic that it is a sight for sore eyes. The longbow is beautifully designed and crafted with bamboo as well as flexible fiberglass. The riser and the limbs are blended with many quality materials such as Glass fiber, bamboo, and color wood.

The tips of the limbs are laminated with glass making it more sturdy and durable while also compatible with other high-end strings. Fast flight string material works wonders with this longbow. The whole manufacturing process of the AF American Longbow is done by hand rather than relying on machines to ensure that it retains the natural and traditional touch in every way possible.

While shooting, we didn’t feel any vibration at all, and the shooting experience was as smooth as possible. The longbow ranks well in the factor of stability, accuracy, and design. Since there is no vibration, maintaining accuracy was easy with this longbow.

The rise is sculpted, and it fits perfectly in hands while the grip is excellent. The black walnut stain brings out the traditional patterns of bamboo, again stunning in every way. The longbow comes with varying draw weights ranging from 20 to 55 lbs with a bow length of 60 inches and a max bow length of 32 inches.

The hand truck is ergonomically designed and helps to hunt better. The longbow is fantastic for hunting and ideal for practicing as well. The only minor snag that we encountered with this longbow is that right-handed users can only use it.

Other than that, this longbow is expertly crafted and comes with an impressive design. Overall the bow is fast, accurate, carefully shaped, and a combination of quality materials.

What We Like:-

  • Durable construction
  • Expertly hand-crafted American longbow
  • Good for beginners
  • Ideal for hunting and target shooting

Our Concerns:-

  • Not available for left-handed shooters


This American Longbow from AF archery is yet another marvelous bow from their arsenal that is beautifully hand-crafted and has unique blended materials. The longbow can be wielded by right-hand shooters and is ideal for hunting and target shooting.

Our Score:- 4/5


Martin Archery Savannah Stealth Longbow

Martin Archery Savannah Stealth Longbow


  • Draw Weight:- 40 to 60 lbs
  • Bow Length:- 64 inches
  • Availability:- Right Hand
  • Materials:- Fibreglass, wood
  • Arrow shelf:- Yes

You’d want to have as much stealth as possible when you are out in the wild hunting, and guess what? Martin Archery addresses that issue with this excellent hand-crafted longbow. The silent, smooth draw gives you the upper hand in your hunting game. The Martin Archery’s Savannah Stealth Longbow is one of its best-selling models till now.

The company has continued the long legacy of offering top-quality products and services to the customers and winning their hearts. Thanks to its reflex design and energy conservation model, this longbow is being apprehended everywhere.

There are many pros of using this longbow, and first of all, it has to do something with its reflex design. Since the longbow is reinforced with such a design, it preserves energy and reduces vibration exerted on our hands.

While testing the bow, we found that the grip and shape of the bow are devised for ease of use and solace. From holding the bow, drawing, and shooting, the whole experience is smooth and comfortable. The best thing is there is almost no sound.

The longbow comes with a flemish bowstring, bow sock, and a traditional rest. Talking about aesthetics, the bow is delightful to the eyes. The user satisfaction with this longbow is excellent. The bow is lavished with a massive spectrum of dark wood striation, and the accent matches the longbow.

The reinforced limbs are engineered for strength and sturdiness, while the laminated limbs give a touch of a classic sleek look. The bow features a sleek and stealthy design that virtually blends with the wild environment.

The bow boasts a sleek, beautiful, and comfortable grip, let alone the self-adhesive leather patch. We took most note of the impressive functional capacity, mechanical capabilities, and design this longbow has to offer.

From the immaculate design, stain-like smooth wood, fiberglass clad wood, and flawless finish, this bow lives to its reputation. The only flaw that comes with this longbow is that it is not available for left-handed shooters.

Overall, the longbow fits the description and the specifications. Not to mention, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Not only does this longbow function perfectly, but also it offers a firm grip that improves performance and accuracy.

What We Like:-

  • The longbow is hand-crafted with excellence
  • The riser boasts hardwood and varying composites layers
  • Constructed with expert craftsmanship and tested experience
  • Excellent durable hand-made construction
  • The company carries the legacy of over 50 years plus in traditional archery

Our Concerns:-

  • Only available for right-handed shooters


The beauty of this bow is blended with high-quality material, eliminating shock and unique materials, making it a worthy choice for any archery and bow enthusiasts. The longbow is fantastic for hunting and suitable for target shooting as well.

Our Score:- 4.5/5


PSE Sequoia Longbow

PSE Sequoia Longbow


  • Draw Weight:- 45 to 55 lbs
  • Max Draw Length:- 28 inches
  • Bow Length:- 68 inches
  • Availability:- Right Hand
  • Materials:- Fibreglass, wood, bamboo
  • Arrow shelf:- Yes

Many individuals, including us, have raved about the simple yet effective quality PSE Sequoia Longbow offers. The bow is designed to deliver suburb quality which allows it to stand out from the rest. This longbow is relative to the Montana Longbow we reviewed before, but it has a bit of unique features that separate them apart.

This longbow is known for its speed and beauty, as well as the electric wooden materials it is composed of that provide an exotic sleeky look. It is an excellent longbow for all those old-fashioned archers out there.

The longbow puts forward many pragmatic merits on the table. First of all, the design is excellent and lighter while faster than most of the other longbows out there in the market. PSE Sequoia Longbow boasts swift shots and stealthy shots as well.

Secondly, the reflex design of the longbow preferred by many traditional archers provides better stability and precision that many archers admire. We cannot rival this longbow with other inferior models as it offers excellent velocity, accuracy, and strength.

Other than that, the longbow has reinforced limbs layered with bamboo and clear fiberglass for better sturdiness and flexibility. In addition to that, this bow is equipped with glorious woods such as black walnut, cherry, maple, and so forth.

Besides that, the max draw length of this longbow is around 28 inches, and the bow length is about 68 inches.

The laminated tips help to reduce shooting stress. You get to choose from 40 to 55 lbs of draw weight, which honestly lacks some choices. Another snag of this longbow is that you can use it for left-hand and a tad bit of hand shock.

The only difference between Montana Longbow and this one is the amount of hand shock you get while shooting; though it is minimal, it does count. However, with a limb saver, you can easily resolve this problem and get back to shooting.

In terms of performance, the longbow stands up to expectations and shoots fast while maintaining good accuracy. It is a fantastic longbow that can be used for both practice and hunting.

What We Like:-

  • The riser is made from a variety of different woods such as black walnut, cherry, and maple
  • Simple yet elegant and practical design
  • The longbow is laminated with fiberglass for a better look and strength, while the backwood is made from bamboo for better flexibility
  • The longbow feels smooth while shooting and drawing
  • It offers an excellent grip that feels comfortable while holding

Our Concerns:-

  • It is only available for right-handed users
  • You’ll feel a bit of shock every time you shoot
  • Not many draw weight options


All in all, the longbow is constructed with great quality and performs equally great. It is excellent for archers acclimatized with more than 40 draw weight longbows as you don’t get low draw weight options on this one. The expert craftsmanship and traditional design provide a historical longbow into modern archery.

Our Score:- 3.9/5


OMP Ozark Hunter Longbow

OMP Ozark Hunter Longbow


  • Draw Weight:- 35 to 55 lbs
  • Bow Length:- 68 inches
  • Availability:- Right Hand
  • Materials:- Fibreglass, wood
  • Arrow shelf:- Yes

The OMP Ozark Hunter Longbow is excellent for the ones with tight-budget and newcomers in archery. This longbow is also the same as Bear Montfeelana in terms of hand shock that you feel while shooting. The longbow ensures a smooth and good shooting experience for all those archers moving their archery gear.

It is blended with a smooth draw and superb performance — a combination that is very rare to find in most of the other longbows out there. While we were shooting, the grip was sleek and comfortable to hold, and there was almost little to no hand shock and fatigue even after prolonged periods of hunting or shooting.

The top-quality materials used in construction make the user experience much better. The longbow features a sturdy maple, purple heart, and walnut wood that increases the bow’s durability and functionality for years to come. This 68 inches longbow offers the draw weight from 35 to 55 lbs.

Besides that, the fiberglass reinforced limbs and tips also add to the overall durability of the product and are protected to forestall any wear and tear. In addition to this, the limb tips are also Fast Flight String compatible, so that’s a plus.

Furthermore, the longbow has a built-in arrow shelf and a multilaminate handle that makes lodging the arrow easy. It also helps to prevent any accidental fires due to instability. The longbow looks gorgeous, and any archer wielding it would feel proud.

Just like many other longbows we have reviewed, the only flaw it carries is its dexterity only supports right-handed shooters. That said, overall, the longbow is suitable for entry to seasoned archers, and we can use it for practicing and hunting.

What We Like:-

  • The longbow is incredibly easy and comfortable to aim and shoot
  • It features durable construction with a unique blend of woods that add to the overall elegance and functionality of the bow
  • The limb tips are compatible with all types of advanced strings
  • The design is attractive, and the grip is comfortable
  • There is almost no hand shock at all

Our Concerns:-

  • Not available for alternate hand


The longbow is good for entry-level archers that have a constrained budget. It is reasonably priced, while the construction and functionality are fantastic. The longbow can be wielded by only right-hand archers and is suitable for shooting and hunting as well.

Our Score:- 4.5/5


Hungarian Style Handmade Longbow

Hungarian Style Handmade Longbow


  • Draw Weight:- 20 to 110 lbs
  • Max Draw Length:- 33 inches
  • Bow Length:- 54 inches
  • Availability:- Right Hand and Left Hand
  • Materials:- Fibreglass, wood, glass steel
  • Arrow shelf:- Yes

Are you looking for a multifunctional, expertly hand-crafted longbow that is the best for hunting as well as shooting, practicing, and competition? Well, look no further; this longbow from Hungarian is an excellent piece of art. The longbow is suitable for strong men, women, children, or even those who face weakness in the shoulder.

The longbow features excellent string and bow length. The one thing that attracts many archers and hunters toward this bow is the ability to choose from a wide range of draw weight. The draw weight starts from 20 pounds and goes all the way to 110 pounds, which is enormous.

This allows the bow to be used by both a novice and a professional archer — a combination of quality and convenience, which is very hard to find in modern longbows these days. The best part about this longbow is that the handmade construction blends well with the riser and the durable limbs that offer a sleeky and precise pull. The famous anti-decaying wood Makore and sturdy wood Cassia Siamea are used to construct this longbow.

Furthermore, the limbs are constructed with beech wood and glass steel for added durability and flexibility. All the riser, string, and limbs are meticulously handcrafted with utmost care and durable materials that allow you to use the weapon for prolonged hunting comfortably.

Accuracy is always a necessity in longbows, and Hungarian Recurve Longbow is not an exception to that. The longbow is more forgiving as it is kind of taller than other ones and facilitates smooth and accurate shooting. The quality and performance of a longbow are generally dependent on accuracy, and this longbow makes sure of that.

Not just varying poundage, but it also comes with an excellent body length of 145 cm and a string length of 131 cm. The more significant part of the bow’s body is canvassed in fine cow leather that provides it one kind of rustic look, while the quality materials used in constructions ensure the bow is strong and resilient.

While holding the, we felt no hand shocks, and the grip was as comfortable as it can be that allowed us to shoot the arrow smoothly and maintain consistent accuracy. Besides, the grip also offers a lot of speed to hit the arrows quickly.

The slim and sturdy build of this longbow ensures it is excellent for hunting and practicing as well. Honestly, we used it more for showpieces than hunting as this beauty is relaxing for the eyes.

The minor snag that we found with this longbow was that it is a bit challenging to carry for long distances, especially while hunting. Nevertheless, this longbow is elegant and durable, plus there is a free bow bag included with the purchase, so there’s that.

What We Like:-

  • Beautiful design and covered with leather for a classic rustic look
  • Ergonomic rise makes the shooting experience comfortable
  • Expert quality craftsmanship by hands
  • Excellent for practice, hunting, target shooting, competition, and beginners
  • Wide range of draw weight
  • Outstanding accuracy and no hand shocks

Our Concerns:-

  • Not so easy to carry over long distances


This longbow not only looks good but also functions well. It is beautifully hand-crafted and works excellent performance-wise. The sturdy grip offers speed without giving any hand shock. The body structure does not impede its performance and accuracy, rather enhances it. It can be used by right and left-handed archers for hunting, shooting, competition, and practicing. If not in use, it can also work as a great showpiece; the leather and twine detailing provide a gorgeous look.

Our Score:- 4.7/5


PSE ARCHERY Oryx Longbow

PSE ARCHERY Oryx Longbow


  • Draw Weight:- 30 to 55 lbs
  • Max Draw Length:- 28 inches
  • Bow Length:- 68 inches
  • Availability:- Right Hand and Left Hand
  • Materials:- Fibreglass, wood
  • Arrow shelf:- Yes

Another great longbow from PSE Archery is the Oryx Longbow, and this one here is easy to shoot and smooth to draw, making it an excellent option for beginners, pre-teens, and adult shooters. This traditional longbow is built in the USA, ensuring top-notch quality and tradition.

The longbow features quality and durable construction, ensuring that the bow can last for years in a harsh environment. Most of the construction materials are a stable selection of different woods to withstand tension and the environment encountered in the wild.

The limbs are reinforced and laminated with a layer of fiberglass to increase the durability and flexibility of the longbow, let alone the stability. When we used the longbow, we found that it has a good grip that promotes accurate and smooth shooting. It also generates more powerful shots as the limbs are constructed with quality.

The longbow features a bow length of 68 inches and a max draw length of about 28 inches,  with draw weight options ranging from 30 to 55 lbs.

Oryx Longbow can also be used for long-distance shooting as it offers excellent accuracy, speed, and refined curves. The sleek design of the grip not only ensures better accuracy but also better aiming in general. The pragmatic use of this longbow is impressive, as you can hunt with it without getting hand shocks and noise.

You can also use this longbow for practicing as well. The only flaw we heard about is that many customers reported missing items from the description, albeit that was not the case when we ordered and tested the bow, but it is worth keeping that in mind.

Overall, the impressive look and quality of this longbow get our attraction and points while it also functions very well. It makes the shooting experience much better, all thanks to the emphasis put on the quality while crafting this longbow.

We loved the flexibility and stability this longbow offers that promote accurate and consistent shooting. The bow can be wielded in both hands and is great for all sorts of applications.

What We Like:-

  • Durable construction and fantastic accuracy
  • Impressive at long-distance shooting
  • Easy to maneuver
  • It comes with a string nock and nocking point
  • Crafted from varying top-notch woods
  • Suitable for beginners and practicing or hunting

Our Concerns:-

  • The company has to improve their delivery logistics as sometimes items are missing


All in all, the quality construction and durable as well as elegant design performs well in all areas such as stability, accuracy, grip, and flexibility. The longbow is fitting for hunters and archers and can be wielded in both hands.

Our Score:- 4/5


Southwest Archery Scorpion Traditional Hunting Long Bow

Southwest Archery Scorpion Traditional Hunting Long Bow


  • Draw Weight:- 25 to 60 lbs
  • Bow Length:- 68 inches
  • Availability:- Right Hand and Left Hand
  • Materials:- Fibreglass, wood
  • Arrow shelf:- Yes

Once again, SAS company takes another spot on our list, and this one is the Scorpion Traditional Hunting Longbow. If beauty and masterpiece are your things, then this one might be for you. This beautiful traditional longbow is made from the same materials as the other SAS models we’ve reviewed, such as Dymond wood, tigerwood, padouk, and white oak.

The fine detailing and expert craftsmanship makes this bow stand out from the rest of its competitors. The bow is highly gorgeous from every angle, and exceptional detailing is on the bow’s handle, which is the center point of attraction.

As usual, SAS’s longbows have never failed to be the best, and the same goes for performance and accuracy. We have tested many longbows from SAS in the past, and the ones we have mentioned in this review are perfect and comfortable to hold, grip, and shoot smoothly.

The longbow comes with a 68 inches bow length and a 16-strand Dacron string, and it is compatible with all sorts of activities such as target shooting, traditional archery, and hunting as well. The longbow comes with complete packaging, including a pre-installed shelf pad, string, and longbow.

Talking about the shooting experience, it was mesmerizing, and there was almost no hand shock felt while shooting. In addition, the grip was comfortable to hold and shoot, while the overall stability and flexibility of the bow are impressive.

The reinforced limb tips support advanced strings, and you get a variety of draw weight options, from 25 lbs to 60 lbs — the longbow constructed in the USA with excellent attention to the detailing and texture.

What made us fall in love with this longbow is not just its beauty but also the fact that it comes with a one-year warranty which is fantastic. The only drawback we faced was that the bow is too pricy. That said, the price is backed with a year of warranty and quality.

As the saying goes, with greater price comes greater quality (not always, but at least it is true in this case). So if you have the cash to spare, this longbow can prove to be the one bow that’ll not only last you for years but also looks remarkable in every way possible.

What We Like:-

  • Attractive and durable design
  • Wide range of draw weight
  • An excellent pick for smooth, accurate, and long shot
  • Backed by a one-year warranty
  • Made in the USA

Our Concerns:-

  • Costlier, but the quality speaks


Though the bow is not cheap, the quality, design, and look beats every other bow out there in the market. The longbow is appropriate for target archery, traditional archery, and bowhunting. It can be wielded on both right and left hands. This bow is relatively easy to use and shoot, so it is good for beginners who can splurge on their first longbow.

Our Score:- 4.7/5


SinoArt Sparrow 54″ Traditional Long Bow

SinoArt Sparrow 54" Traditional Long Bow


  • Draw Weight:- 20 to 35 lbs
  • Max Draw Length:- 28 inches
  • Bow Length:- 54 inches
  • Availability:- Right Hand and Left Hand
  • Materials:- Fibreglass, wood
  • Arrow shelf:- Yes

If you are looking for the cheapest yet best and most effective bow, you could possibly find under $100 with superb performance, quality, and outstanding user satisfaction, this longbow from SinoArt might be the answer to all your midnight prayers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner to target shooting, traditional archery, woman, or a teen that has just started; the SinArt Sparrow longbow can meet your expectations.

The longbow is designed targeting mainly inexperienced archers, plus it is the most user-friendly bow on our list. It is also the one longbow with a one-piece wood design that ensures the longbow is sturdy and heavy.

Talking about the riser, it is made from laminated ebony wood, which is known for its robust and dense nature. The longbow comes with laminated fiberglass limbs and is also constructed with maple wood. Additionally, it also offers a Dacron string that is very well known for its durability.

All of these features together make this longbow unique, long-lasting, durable, and visually attractive. The longbow offers a small range of draw weight, from 25 lbs to 35 lbs, and it is optimal for women, teens, and newbies. The longbow boasts a bowstring length of 50 inches and a brace height of about 7.5 inches.

Experienced archers cannot shoot with this bow, especially the ones with 40 or higher draw weight. The longbow is not ideal for hunting, though you can hunt with it eventually; the recommended draw weight for hunting is at least 40 or more pounds. And another flaw of the longbow is that it is only suitable for right-handed archers.

Overall, the longbow has a 5-star rating across the board, and while we were testing, the longbow proved worthy from all aspects such as stability, flexibility, accuracy, and user satisfaction. The longbow is really impressive, especially for the price it’s being offered. If we overlook the cons, this longbow is the best bow for tight-budgets and lower-poundage archers as well as women and newcomers.

What We Like:-

  • Smooth release and comfortable to hold
  • Excellent grip and offer better control overall
  • Designed for women, teens, and entry-level archers
  • Attractive price tag and elegant design
  • Better performance, and constructed with high-quality materials
  • Excellent lifespan and it comes with an arrow rest included in the pack

Our Concerns:-

  • The longbow is not available for lefties
  • It is not ideal for hunting
  • Lack of draw weight options, so not appropriate for experienced archers


We had a fantastic experience using this longbow as it is user-friendly, cheap, and the best for new archers that have set their foot in the archery domain. The longbow is suitable for all the teens, women, and newcomers willing to practice traditional and target archery. It can be wielded in the right hand and has a beautiful design and comfortable grip, let alone lightweight.

Our Score:- 4.5/5


Ragim Archery Longbow

Ragim Archery Longbow


  • Draw Weight:- 20 to 60 lbs
  • Max Draw Length:- 30 inches
  • Bow Length:- 66 inches
  • Availability:- Right Hand and Left Hand
  • Materials:- Fibreglass, wood
  • Arrow shelf:- Yes

The last but not least longbow is from Ragim, which might not ring a bell, but it is a renowned company known for constructing and delivering top-quality products in Italy. We have to say; the woodwork that went into building this magnificent weapon is genuinely outstanding.

The elegant look is made possible by the black fiberglass laminated dark wood, making the longbow feel balanced and beautiful. The durability and quality of the longbow are backed with fully laminated fiberglass on both sides.

The grip is easy to hold as the handle is thick and smooth, promoting better and accurate shots while keeping stability intact. The handle proved to be very comfortable and dense during our testing, ensuring no limb twisting or damage even after prolonged use.

Moreover, the longbow comes with a sturdy and reliable Dacron bowstring, and the limb tips are compatible with advanced strings. The 66 inches bow length comes with a wide range of draw weight options (20 to 60 lbs) and a max draw length of 30 inches.

Ragim Longbow is easy to tune, smooth to draw and shoot, while it also maintains better precision. Since the bow is lightweight, we experienced some small hand shocks, but they were minimal and did not impede the striking performance this longbow had to offer.

The only minor drawback of this longbow is the arrow shelf is a bit small, and it might not be a deal-breaker to you; we felt that it could’ve been improved. Overall, this longbow is fantastic, and the quality is remarkable, not to mention the design and traditional look it offers.

This is that one longbow that’ll please all the archers who’re a fan of natural color wood and custom longbows. This weapon is great for practicing and hunting.

What We Like:-

  • Smooth and accurate longbow
  • Simple yet durable design
  • Expertly crafted in Italy
  • Affordable and attractive
  • Excellent blend of solid wood and other materials

Our Concerns:-

  • The arrow shelf is a bit small


Made in Italy, this longbow is suitable for new archers and experienced archers transitioning from a modern bow to a traditional longbow. The smooth and elegant finish combined with durable and quality woods used in construction makes the longbow impressive and long-lasting. The longbow can be wielded in both hands and can be used for hunting as well as target shooting.

Our Score:- 4.5/5


How Do We Select the Best Longbow?

Archery is a golden and old age tradition that you’ll carry into the future by opting for a reliable longbow. Choosing a longbow is not a simple task, and making a hasty decision will not only prove too costly, but your longbow will also end up in the garage or basement, which is the last thing you’d want.

You should be acquainted with the things that go into selecting the best longbow so that when you have to make an informed decision, you’re not hesitating but confident about your purchase.

So here are some simple things that you can keep in your mind while making an informed decision.

Purpose of the Bow?

There are different brands to choose longbows from, and not all longbows are the same. Some of them are better suited for target shooting, while others are excellent for hunting. That said, some are also all-rounders for all sorts of applications.

If you are new to archery and learning to use a longbow, we’d recommend investing in a lightweight and less expensive model so that you can practice safely. Once you get a hold of your bow, you can transition to a more robust and durable bow later.

On the other hand, you can go directly for a strong and powerful bow if you are an experienced archer.

Another imperative factor is whether you are utilizing this bow for competition and target practice or hunting. For competition target shooting, you can go for a fragile piece as you can store it in a case safely.

For hunting, you should opt for a sturdy bow that can hold the prolonged hours of the inconstant conditions of the wild. In addition to this, you should also consider the bow’s weight and size for hunting.

This is imperative as you’d have to ensure that you are not picking up a heavy model as you might have to carry the bow for a long time before finding your prey.

Types of Longbow

You’ll find many types of longbows during this modern era, such as English longbows, Hill-style longbows, Indian bow, Flatbows, Hybrids, and so on & so forth.

The purpose and use of these different bows are identical, but you’ll find the design and the shooting experience different with each bow.

For instance, the English-style longbows have a narrow limb, a deeper core and are usually 66 inches long. The American longbows or Hill-style longbows are generally a bit flatter at the cross-section and broader with a stack handle.

None of these bow designs are original. All of these designs have been used by one group or another all over the world.

You should go for the style that is proper for your needs and works well with your grip as well, as feels comfortable and smooth while shooting or even drawing the bow.

Brace Height of Longbow

The distance between the profound part of your grip and the string (not drawn) is what a brace height means in toxophilism.

The brace height of your longbow is an imperative factor while you’re selecting the bow, as it helps in tuning a recurve or longbow. In contrast, compound bows have a fixed brace height set by the seller.

However, for longbows, you can set the ideal brace height by twisting or untwisting the bowstring, making them reliable.

You can increase the brace height by twisting the bowstring to reduce the length. Likewise, to decrease the brace height, you can untwist the bowstring or install a longer bowstring.

In case you are using a Flemish-style bowstring, we would recommend not to untwist the bowstring as string failure can occur.

Be that as it may, it’s worth noting that a shorter brace height would help to shoot the arrows faster, but you are trading that with the noise, efficiency, and accuracy of the longbow. With a shorter brace height, you can even damage your longbow permanently, so do keep that in your mind while adjusting the brace height.

Similarly, longer brace height would release the arrow a tad bit slower, but you’d get better accuracy and stability, let alone less noise.

Generally, manufacturers recommend the ideal brace height for the typical model, but it all boils down to your preference, comfort, and shooting style.

If you are struggling to find the appropriate height for your longbow, we’d say start with 7 inches and work your way up or down till you get the ideal brace height that supports you.

For your information, 7 inches is generally considered to be a good average to start with brace height and work things out. Nevertheless, as a rule of thumb, your brace height should never be under 6 inches.

However, it is highly unlikely to occur with the provided string from the manufacturer, but you should consider this while looking for a string for your longbow.

Draw Weight and Draw Length of the Longbow

Other imperative factors that help you in choosing the right longbow are the draw weight and draw length.

Let’s talk a bit more about both these terms and how they can help you get the right bow.

Draw Weight

Generally, draw weight is used to determine the power of any bow and, in this case, a longbow. The draw weight is expressed in pounds and is an essential factor to take into consideration.

Draw weight is the force you need to pull the longbow. Longbows have incrementally heavy draw weights the far they are pulled. The draw weight is experienced on the fingers while pulling.

For example, a bow with a draw weight of 40 pounds, your fingers would feel the same weight pulling while drawing the bow.

In the case of longbows, the draw weight is adequate for varying situations. For example, if you are looking to get a longbow for target shooting, it is recommended to choose a longbow with less power, i.e., less draw weight.

The reason is, you’d be mostly shooting at foam targets that don’t require much strength to penetrate.

Similarly, for hunting purposes, you’d want to have a bow with a higher draw weight so that your arrow can easily penetrate the skin and the bones of your target.

You will want to consider a mighty bow if you’re looking to hunt prey with tough hide. It is best to look for a longbow with a draw weight of at least 40 pounds for a hunting goal as a good rule of thumb.

In addition, your muscle strength also largely determines the amount of draw weight you can handle. Therefore, women tend to have lower draw weight than men as men have more muscle strength compared to women.

Likely, teenagers should opt for a lower draw weight than grown-ups.

Draw Length

Draw length estimates how far you can pull your bow back in full draw, and it is gauged in inches. Consider draw length as your clothing size but in the archery world.

Since you’d want to get clothes tailored so they can fit you accordingly, the longbow you are choosing must match your draw length.

In the case of draw length, taller individuals with longer arm lengths will go for a longer draw length.

On the other side of the fence, shorter individuals, as well as teenagers, would choose a longbow with a shorter draw length.

However, don’t let the length confuse you with the power. A longbow will shoot to its maximum potency when you’ve drawn the string fully, regardless of the draw length.

Therefore, when you are selecting your longbow, make sure that the draw length is appropriate according to your arm length.

Bow Length and String Length

Like your draw weight and length, bow length is also a vital factor in thinking about when it comes to longbows.

Speaking of bow length, AMO, which is the abbreviation of Archery Manufactures Organizations, has created a specific set of standards that define the bow length.

Generally, when you see any bow manufacturer mentioning the bow length of the longbow, it is primarily the AMO length.

According to AMO, the length of a particular longbow should be gauged as the length of the string and 3 inches to it.

That means a 60 inches AMO bow is actually 57 inches when strung, and the same would be your string length.

Though AMO length is intended for bow length, it is actually your string length, and that’s what you’ll calculate when you’re looking to get a new string or replace your bowstring.

For example, for a 60 inches AMO bow, 57 inches string length is appropriate (you subtract 3 inches from the AMO length).

Note:- Longbows with longer bow lengths are stable and forgiving than a shorter bow, plus they make smoother shots. Shorter longbows can lead to sloppy and weaker shots as you are at the risk of reaching a false anchor point where you cannot draw the bow correctly.

A Custom Made Longbow or Manufactured One?

This is where price becomes a predicament to deal with. So do you wish to get a custom-made longbow or a manufactured one? A question that many new archers tend to ignore, yet an imperative one nonetheless.

Going either way can be a cost-determining decision. If you can splurge on your longbow, you can go for a custom longbow as they are primarily sturdy and reliable because they’ve been manufactured in the same way for centuries.

The methods have been adopted by many cultures around the globe and are tried & tested. On the other hand, a manufactured longbow has also been a prominent choice of many archers around the world.

A manufactured longbow may not be constructed in the same way as the hand-made ones, but they are way more affordable and dependable. Not to mention the warranty that comes with them — a factor that you ought to consider while investing in a longbow.

Generally, a manufactured longbow wins in the cost section. Be that as it may, both of these longbows work just the way they should, the only difference is the feel and quality that you get, and it could also be a matter of preference.

Heavy Vs. Light Longbows?

The next thing to consider while you’re navigating the longbow aisle is the weight of your longbow. No, it’s not the draw weight but the actual weight of your longbow. In our opinion, it’s a must.

Traditional custom longbows made from different woods tend to be heavier and practically challenging to convey on foot over longer distances. Therefore, they should never be used while hunting as you may have to carry them till you find your hunt.

Besides, the more naturally and heavy the longbow is — the more expensive it’d be.

On the flip side, longbows made from synthetic materials such as plastic, carbon, fiber, and so forth are not only easy on your pocket but also lighter in nature. These materials are primarily used while manufacturing a bow and make them an excellent thrifty alternative for weight.

It all comes down to your preference and how much you’re willing to spend at the end of the day.


For longbows, Yew is typically the best wood. Howbeit, other woods such as white oak, red oak, Osage orange, rock maple, hickory, red elm, Cassia Siamea, Black locust, Makore, Rosewood, and so forth are also good ways to make a longbow.

That said, medieval bowyers used yew to make the famous English war bows. Osage orange and Yew are the two premier kinds of wood for building longbows.

Generally, when crafting longbows, there are many different blocks of wood to choose from, but not all of them are good or adequate. Therefore, there are two factors to consider that would make a good bow wood.

They are MOE (Modulus of Elasticity) and MOR (Modulus of Rupture). The MOE represents the wood’s ability to bend, i.e., how easily the wood can bend (the higher the number, the stiffer the wood is).

On the other hand, MOR displays the wood’s capacity to break, meaning how easily it can break (here, the higher the number, the harder it will be to break the wood).

To simply state, the best wood is the one that can be easily bent and harder to break. Meaning it should have a low MOE but a high MOR. Therefore, a low MOE would present a higher draw weight, and the high MOR would forestall any breaking of the bow.

In theoretical terms, this MOE and MOR are calculated on a ratio of MOE to MOR, meaning it should be easy to bend and hard to break.

To assess the wood’s ability to be suitable for bow usage, there is a formula: (MOE/MOR) * 1000.

The value is referred to as the wood’s Bow Index. Where osage orange has a bow index of around 11.51, and the Yew has about 11.52. You’d want to go for wood with a higher bow index like these two and avoid the one with a lower bow index.

Quality and Brand

Brand and the quality of your longbow are yet other crucial things to be mindful of when you’re looking for longbows.

The problem with many longbow companies is that not all of their longbows are good. Mostly, the unknown or cheaper brands will have one of the following issues with their bows.

  • Lousy risers with a bad grip
  • Limbs are not flexible
  • Lacking resistance
  • Bad quality strings

Many different companies glibly claim their longbow is the best in the biz, but it’s your responsibility to verify things out as being the customer.

One way to do that is by following our lead. All the 12 offerings we have listed in this article have been tested, tried, approved with quality, and hand-picked by an archer’s vision from top companies offering quality products for years.

So we are sure that you’d find the correct bow you’re looking for after going through the list.

Material Quality

You should ensure that your longbow is made from top-quality material, especially the bow and bowstring, as they would typically represent the longevity of your longbow.

The materials used for constructing the longbow should be resistant enough in certain weather conditions, and this is truer if you are getting the bow for hunting.

The longbow should be wholly polished on the tips to forestall fraying, and it should have a comfortable grip.


Just like any other equipment or thing you’re purchasing, a warranty is imperative. The same is true in the domain of archery.

Since you’d be spending a long time using your bow, you should ensure that it comes with a good warranty so that even if things go south, you’d have something to rely on.

Price or Buyer’s Budget for Longbow

Cost is a factor that can alter your purchase decision, so you should ensure that you are going for a longbow that you can afford, and it suits your style. That said, make sure you’re not sacrificing quality over money by going for a cheap longbow.

It can significantly affect your shooting and overall experience using the bow, and you might be demotivated to continue hunting or shooting.


Is a Longbow Better Than a Recurve Bow?

Generally, longbows are more forgiving than recurve, and they also have more profound and thicker limbs as well as the cross-section of the riser. Though they are bigger and heavier, they also prevent fewer chances of sideways movement when you release. It all comes down to preference, comfort, and shooting style in the end.

What Wood is Best for Making Longbow?

As we mentioned before, Yew and Osage Organe are the two excellent kinds of wood used to construct longbows. They are the best because they have a low MOE and high MOR, meaning they are easy to bend and hard to break.

Who Makes the Best Longbow?

SAS, Bear Montana, Martin Savannah, and the other companies we have mentioned usually make the best longbows. We have built this list of 12 worthy longbows by testing over 30 + longbows and breaking each down by a hunter’s need, so all the longbows mentioned here are unbiasedly reviewed.

Is Longbow Good for Hunting? Can You Kill a Deer with a Longbow?

Yes, the longbow is an excellent weapon to carry on with your hunts, given that the draw weight is at least 40 pounds or more. You can kill a deer with a longbow, but it also depends on the level of experience you have. Note that a 40-pound longbow can quickly kill a deer or whitetail, and more than 40-pound longbows are needed to kill elf, bear, or moose.

What is the Effective Range of a Longbow?

Generally, today’s longbow can effectively shoot 200 yards, but it also depends on the draw weight and the weight of the arrows. The modern American longbow can shoot up to 500 yards, whereas the English longbow can up to 450 yards.

How Long Does a Longbow Last?

Well, as long as you are maintaining the bow properly, it can last you around 20 to 30 years, which is impressive. This is possible because a longbow has fewer components to replace or get a break. You can easily pass your longbow to your generation.


That sum’s up the list of the best longbows in the market currently. Before going, if we had to select a few longbows for their nature, the best overall longbow would be none other than the “SAS Pioneer Traditional Longbow,” and it makes sense.

This longbow is expertly crafted with utmost care and scrupulous detailing to the design, shape, and texture. It is a robust, accurate, stable, and flexible bow constructed with the best woods and materials, enhancing the performance and longevity as well.

The best longbow for hunting would be the “Bear Archery Montana Longbow,” as it is handcrafted and constructed with all premium materials and woods. The longbow features a fantastic handle and grip that forestall almost all vibrations, increasing the accuracy and stability as well as producing less noise, all of which is crucial for a successful hunt.

The best affordable longbow for newcomers, women, and teens is none other than the “SinoArt Sparrow 54″ Traditional Long Bow.” What we liked the most about this bow is its ability to be as effective as possible while available for such a low price. This longbow is impressive for all the newbies that don’t have the funds to invest in expensive models. This one really gets points for the overall stability, flexibility, and accuracy it provides.

With all that said, make sure that while selecting a longbow for yourself, you keep our buyer’s guide back in your mind that will help you make decisions quickly and comfortably without compromising on the bow’s quality.

All the products that we have listed are tested and tried before publishing them on the website, so you can pick one without even thinking twice. We have paid extra attention to your needs so that once you do select a longbow, it would definitely be the one that suits your style and preference.

Thank you for your time and support here. If you have any bothering conundrums, you can leave them in the comment section below. We would love to get back to you as soon as possible.

Till then, stay safe, keep hunting and keep fishing!