Best Hunting packs for Hauling Meat 2022 | Reviews By Expert

When it comes to the love of hunting, we often are left with questions about where to store our meat when we are finally ready to trek back home and share our catch with our families.

Sharing is caring, and this is why we feel, it is our hunting etiquette and moral obligation to give you the full details on the best hunting backpacks for hauling meat.

Of course, hunting can be grueling, but to those who do it and love it, we all know that it is empowering.  After we finally kill our prey, we need something comfortable and effective to help us pack our new meat in. You should carry a large knife with you, this will effectively help you when it comes to properly haul your meat and storing it in your backpack to go.

We have considered following factors for choosing the best hunting packs which can haul meat

  • Weight resistance of hunting pack
  • size and weight of the pack
  • Space in pack
  • Build Quality and Material used in Pack
  • Design of hunting pack
  • Brand and Price

Below are the reviews of best hunting packs in 2022 for hauling meat available in the market today

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Here are the reviews of top rated hunting pack for hauling meat:

Alps OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Back Pack

Alps OutdoorZ Pursuit Hunting Back Pack

This backpack weighs 4 pounds total, has myriads of organizational space, along with a padded waist belt that can be adjusted for ultimate comfort.  This hiking backpack offers a rain cover, which can be used to keep you and your equipment dry on those unexpected pouring days.

Water is essential to life, this pack also offers a hydration pocket, in case, you need backup water. Water helps us survive, so make sure to utilize the water hydration pack all you can.  There are a lot of pockets so can stay organized.

This backpack does offer a camouflage design, which helps you blend in, no matter what type of terrain you are in.  This backpack is comfortable yet durable.

Choosing this bag for hauling/packing your meat is a wise decision, as the material provides an aluminum frame, which adds extra extension when you strap on heavy loads.  Stay comfortable and travel smart.

The price is extremely fair for the amount of quality that went into the making of this useful hunting product.  The straps are strong and the pockets are useful when it comes to neatly organizing all types of hunting gear and hauling your meat.  This pack is ideal for day trips, as it may be too small for longer excursions.

what we like:

  • Lightweight, weighing a total of 4 pounds
  • Rain cover and waterproof capabilities
  • Hydration pocket
  • Camouflage design

Our Concerns:

  • Chest strap should be replaced with stronger material

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Alps OutdoorZ Commander+ Pack Bag

Finally, a hunting backpack that is made of nylon ripstop fabric, and is durable beyond belief. Trying this backpack in the harsh winter months has proven to be completely valuable.  Make sure to neatly organize all of your outdoor gear, as this hunting backpack provides tons of various pockets to help you wrap your head around where to put everything.

This is another essential type of bag, for hydration purposes alone. The total weight of this item is at 7 pounds, 5 oz., which is not too heavy, but heavier than most on the list.  If you are used to carrying big bags, this backpack will certainly do well for you.

If you are into guns, the Commander bag includes a rifle holder, a bag holder, and a freighter frame.  Of course, you need spaces to put your flashlight, your binoculars, your knives, miscellaneous gear, and extra guns and ammo, this bag fits it all. Remove your pack, use the freighter frame, or lashing points to store extra meat onto your hunting pack.

You can easily carry a week’s worth of food and gear in this hunting backpack.  This was designed for long hunting trips. Meat is a heavy necessity, this pack is proven to cause zero chaffing when you are hiking miles upon miles to your end destination—your mode of transportation.

For new beginning hunters, this pack may not be fit for you, it’s too heavy for first-timers.  Keep in mind, if you hold any kind of extra weight on your back, you will likely have general soreness days after your expedition.

What we like:

  • Durable nylon ripstop fabric
  • Myriads of organizational pockets
  • Can hold a week’s worth of food and supplies

Our Concerns:

  • The Bag is a bit too heavy, 7 pounds, 5 oz.

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Badlands 2200 Camouflage Hunting Backpack—Meat Hauler-Rifle, Bow, and Pistol Compatible and Hydration Compatible

When it comes to ergonomics and physical comfort, the designers and manufacturers had comfortability and organization solely in mind with the Badlands 2200 edition. If you intend on carrying an extremely heavy load then this pack will be a top pick, as the fabric is entirely durable and made of KXO-32 material.

This backpack is very versatile, can be used for big game hunting or as a meat hauler. The fabric provides a strong material that lasts for years to come.  The company also offers a lifetime warranty, which proves this item is meant to be a high-quality type of build.

We advise experienced hunters to use this pack to haul meat since this pack offers so many useful features. Hauling meat doesn’t have to be difficult, well, not with this hunting backpack made with pure effectiveness.

The hip straps help offer your body more support when it comes to packing meat.  These extra nuances help keep you balanced and ready to roll at the drop of a hat.  The fact that the Badlands brand offers a lifetime warranty, is another reason this backpack made the list.

The reputation Badlands has gained over the years, help prove this hunting backpack has been made with pure quality craftsmanship.  You can be 5’5’’ or 6’’4’’ in height, as this backpack is meant to be adjusted with personalized and long-term comfort in mind.  This pack is meant for those of you who hunt deer, bears, or elk.

What we like:

  • Ergonomically built for comfort
  • KXO-32 fabric
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Hydration pack

Our Concerns:

  • Not enough main pockets
  • The rain cover is not included

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Alps OutdoorZ Traverse EPS

Alps OutdoorZ Traverse EPS

This bad boy hunting backpack is entirely worth it. It blends into terrain, allows you to carry very heavy loads, and expands tremendously. The frame is made to extend with extra lashing straps, so you can strap on more equipment on your pack if need be.  The extra wing pockets enable you to secure all types of gear and weapons; we all know you will need these tools in the deep and mysterious wild.

If you are a hunter and you are on a long week journey, this hunting backpack might catch your fancy. Why? Well, for one, this backpack expands 1,200 cu in. and has lashing straps that help you carry that large elk back to your truck.

The shoulders are padded for extra added comfort, a tripod sleeve holder comes stitched into this hunting backpack, as well as a clip-style holster, and an adjustable and comfy belt, equipped with easily accessible pockets.

If it rains, no problem, as this hunting backpack also comes with a blaze orange rain cover, in times of need.  This backpack weighs a total of 6 pounds, it is fairly light, especially on a strapping and sturdy back.

Choose this backpack, if you are used to carrying a good amount of weight load on your back, if you are not, then it would be intelligent to say, choose a hunting backpack that is lighter.

If you are a beginning hunter, then this is a fine choice, it will keep you equipped with all of your major hunting necessities.

What we like:

  • Extra winged pockets (Store all of your weapons and gear)
  • Clip-style holster
  • Blaze orange rain cover
  • Expandable lashing straps

Our Concerns:

  • The straps could be more durable

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Alps OutdoorZ Pathfinder Hunting Pack

Alps OutdoorZ Pathfinder Hunting Pack

Not only will your gear be extra heavy, but the meat you kill will begin to weigh you down on your trek back to your truck.  With this pack, you will have more stamina, because the weight won’t solely be concentrated on your back.

Having more stamina will ensure you survive on your journey to find your necessities—meat, your food.  Adjust this pack to your comfort level and it will feel as if you are not carrying extra weight.  Drink water, as an H2O pack is another essential that is included.

This hunting backpack is different than most of the backpacks on the list, as it is not your typical backpack design. Some of us prefer not carry all of the weight on our backs, and for those of you who don’t, it is wise to invest in this type of bag.

Haul an entire deer or large elk home with this pack in no time! The extra straps ensure tight security. Be sure to keep an eye out for any stitches that look a little loose.

Although this bag is sturdy, carry too much, and the stitching could come undone.

What we like:

  • Fanny-pack style hunting backpack
  • Shoulder harness and straps are comfortable
  • Weighs 3 pounds, 5 oz.

Our Concerns:

  • The material stitching isn’t 100% durable

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Badlands Diablo Dos Camouflage Hunting Pack-Bow and Rifle Compatible (Approach Camo)

Badlands Diablo Dos Camouflage Hunting Pack-Bow and Rifle Compatible (Approach Camo)

This meat hauling pack provides utmost support when it comes to hauling in your new catch.  This pack is incredibly light, weighing in at 4 pounds, 4 oz. The DWR fabric is treated and is made to resist dirt, blood, and moisture.  Comfortability is this hunting backpacks middle name.

You should be looking for a stealthy type of hunting backpack, as this will ensure you can continue to be on the move, day or night.  The fabric is made of KXO-32 fabric, which is meant to keep you undetectable when it comes to your prey.  Versatility is another feature you should look for when you are searching for a backpack for hauling meat.

This pack offers a rifle boot, 3 back compression straps, and a 3-liter hydration system.  When it comes to hunting, we all want spaces for our things.  As hunters it is a given, we must carry our tools closely, otherwise, we will face unfortunate circumstances in the wild terrain of mother nature.

Having the right hunting backpack is imperative. Hunting isn’t a hobby, it is a way of life.  This backpack is compact, yet ultimately accessible, keeping all of your gear and equipment safely stored.  Never fear to lose your important hunting items again.

With the Bad Lands Diablo, you won’t be able to camp for several days, but it is effective as a day hunting backpack. The extra straps will enable you to carry a heavier load.

What we like:

  • Lightweight 4 pounds, 4 oz.
  • DWR fabric (dirt, blood, and moisture resistant)
  • KXO-32 fabric (makes you undetectable)
  • 3-liter hydration system

Our Concerns:

  • This hunting backpack is not completely waterproof

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Badlands Summit Pack Camouflage Hunting Backpack Carry Compatible with Rifle, Bow Hydration Compatible

Badlands Summit Pack Camouflage Hunting Backpack Carry Compatible with Rifle, Bow Hydration Compatible

All of us hunters know that camouflage gives us an advantage over the prey we are about to shoot. If our prey sees us, there will be no tasty meat on our families dinner table at night. We love this particular hunting backpack, simply because it blends in.

This pack is lightweight, and enables flexible maneuvering, along with air track technology that allows for optimal breathability. No one wants to be exhausted and too sweaty from their backpack, if this is the case, you need to think about investing in a new hunting backpack, perhaps the Badlands Summit Pack is your style?

The pockets are completely spacious and there are plenty of zippers that offer utmost security and dryness. This pack is wrapped in 900 Denier Ripstop UL fabric that is incredibly light. The compression straps are able to hold your rifle or bow and arrow tightly in place without slipping.

Lastly, there is a water pack included, which holds up to 2-liters of water.

The price may deter some of you hunters out there, but as you know, sometimes you must pay for the quality that you deserve, otherwise, you will likely have a problem on the field. Do yourself a favor and don’t buy the cheapest hunting backpack when it comes to hauling your meat, or else you will be in for a ride when your backpack decides to give out.

What we like:

  • Lightweight hunting backpack
  • Spacious pockets and plenty of zippers
  • Ability to haul a lot of meat
  • Hip pockets

Our Concerns:

  • This hunting backpack is a bit too pricey.

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Horn Hunter Full Curl System Backpack

Horn Hunter Full Curl System Backpack

Water is life, if you are out on the field and you don’t have any clean water to drink, you will dehydrate, and in some cases, you will die.  The Horn Hunter is known for its hydration compatibility and has a reputation for being secure, considering the myriad of straps the designer added to the pack.  Luckily nothing falls out!

This hunting backpack has an HH13 Hybrid full cult frame, along with an HH11 full curl pack, and an H3 tubular frame structure.  With plenty of pockets, this pack proves to keep you moving through the rough terrain with complete organization and security that won’t keep you from going forward.

This backpack will ensure you are able to carry loads of meat back to camp after a long day on the field.  This pack can fit any size of the torso, as it is adjustable and easily accessible.

The design can be a bit too heavy, but again, it all depends on how much gear and meat you pack onto it.  If you are an A-star hunter, then it is wise to catch a lot of meat, otherwise, you will go home a loser, especially if you can’t properly carry your catch home.  Plan ahead and use this backpack if you are planning a day hunting trip.

Hauling your meat back will be easier than you thought. Although, we don’t advise you to go on a long hunting trip with this bag, simply because it is lacking a bit of versatility.

This pack doesn’t include a lifetime warranty.

What we like:

  • Plenty of organizational pockets
  • Adjustable and accessible hunting backpack
  • Good cushioning

Our Concerns:

  • The waistband is a bit flimsy

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Timber Hawk Killshot Backpack, 56.2-Liter Storage

Timber Hawk Killshot Backpack, 56.2-Liter Storage

Of course, you may want to carry more weapons and gear on you, as being prepared means catching meat versus not bringing any food home.  This hunting backpack is made with durability, a rain cover, and comes with a 2-liter hydration pack.

Thirsty, not a problem.

If you are planning several nights out in the wilderness then this pack should be your choice, as it holds enough room to keep you comfortable going for several days.  The manufacturers made sure to design the waist belt ergonomically to fit anyone’s torso.  Just tighten and adjust, then you shall be able to maneuver in any direction you want.

The other important feature this bag offers is the fact that it is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. As we mentioned, this fact, certain states that this hunting backpack is meant to do its job—work.

It is hard labor lugging all of our equipment around when we are hunting for meat, but face it, if you have to hunt, you must own a hunting backpack that offers a multitude of useful features. A backpack that offers utmost efficiency is one that is effective. After all, our main goal is to hunt and kill.

Our packs should only enable us further into this goal—hunt and kill.

Basically, never go thirsty or broke when it comes to buying this pack, you will certainly get what you pay for. If something unexpected happens to your new hunting backpack, you are insured as the lifetime warranty is surely on your side.  Hauling tons of meat has never been so effortless with this hunting backpack.

What we like:

  • 2-liter hydration pack
  • Lifetime warranty
  • A lot of extra room

Our Concerns:

  • A bit too heavy to carry all day long

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Badlands Tree Stand Pack Camouflage Hunting Backpack- Daypack Compatible with Rifle-Hydration Compatible, Realtree Xtra

Badlands Summit Pack Camouflage Hunting Backpack Carry Compatible with Rifle, Bow Hydration Compatible

A hunting backpack made to hang on a tree stand helps keep your gear upright and from shifting locations inside.  With this hunting backpack choice, you will be able to conveniently access your equipment in a seconds notice.

If you are a bow hunting type of hunter then this should be your pick.  This backpack weighs less than 3 pounds, yet is stronger than the other backpacks that weigh more.  The material design is KXO-32TM fabric, it is waterproof to boot.

Being that the Badlands Tree Stand Pack offers an unconditional lifetime guarantee, you can be assured that you are protected the very moment you purchase the bag.  This backpack is easy to carry with you wherever you are, but before buying it, you need to know that this isn’t a long expedition type of bag.

If you are planning a long journey ahead of you, and if your goal is to have a big kill session then you need to keep this bag at home and utilize a larger and heftier bag.  Although this is a good hunting backpack, it is not the best for hauling meat as it is simply too small.

This bag does not have a rifle holder and could use more zippers.  This backpack does hold a lot of items for being so small but is not ideal for intermediate hunters. You might be disappointed how often your equipment falls out of some storing areas.

This hunting backpack is comfortable to use but should be used for hiking purposes rather than hunting, as it is not made with 100% efficiency.

What we like:

  • 3 pounds and lightweight
  • Hydration pack
  • Designed to hang on a tree stand
  • Lifetime warranty

Our Concerns:

  • Not ideal for long-term camping and hunting trips

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How to choose best hunting packs for hauling meat in 2022? [Buyer Guide]

Make sure your new hunting backpack offers the following characteristics:

 •  Weight Resistance

You will be carrying a lot of meat, you need to make sure that the hunting backpack is weight resistant.  The quality of weight resistance will depend on the material the hunting backpack is made of.

Materials that can stretch and mold are strong and durable, nylon or KXO-32 fabric are recommended.

• Size and Actual Weight

You need to make sure that the backpack does not weigh you down.  When you are out on the trails and in the open land, anything can happen, you are in the animals territory at this point. There are other animals that you are not hunting, that may be on the search for you.  Having a backpack that ties you down, simply because it is too heavy for you is never ideal.

Before you make this type of purchase, make sure that you take the weight and size into deep consideration. Everyone has a different body type, so think of the backpack’s weight first, then think about how much weight the hunting backpack can hold. Awareness is everything in the game of survival.

If you want to survive and bring your pack of meat home, then it is wise to make sure your hunting backpack is portable and easy to lug around at all times.  Hunting takes up a good amount of time, don’t let a hunting backpack weigh you down and put you behind schedule.

•    Spacious

Your hunting backpack needs to have enough room to carry all of the new meat that you just killed with your precise hunting skills.  Having enough pockets and zippers to secure your gear are types of features you must look out for.

•    High-Quality Material

Wouldn’t it be very unfortunate if you packed your meat safely and secure, then as you trekked across the wildness trails, your bag starts to tear, as it rips, all of the fresh meat falls out of the poorly made hunting backpack?

Instances like these happen too often, that is exactly why hunting backpacks exist. Keeping hunters satiated with good packs is essential, especially when you are hauling meat back home to your precious family.

Hunting backpacks may not weigh a lot in the beginning, but after you pack up all of your gear and meat, it will. Make sure to invest in a backpack that has a waist strap, this will save you unwanted back pain in the days and weeks to come.

*Note: Be sure to strap your new hiking backpack snug and centered, otherwise, you will cause a physical injury if you keep lugging around your backpack, without thinking of the only back you have.  Prevent future injuries, by choosing a hiking backpack with a waist strap.

•    Design (Camouflage)

Take the design into consideration before you begin to splurge on a hunting backpack. If your backpack is bright orange, then deer, elk, your prey; whatever you want to call it, will most likely avoid you, considering you are noticeable and out of place. Animals are athletic and they aren’t as stupid as some of us may think, their instinct is strict survival, if they sense fear, you are bound to miss your shot.  Do not scare away the animals with flashy packs!

As intermediate hunters, we all know, blending in is vital to catching the meat that we want to eat. Invest in a hunting backpack that helps you become more organized. It turns out when we are more organized and alert, we know where everything is, we then become more strategic with our hunting and nature skills.

A backpack that provides room for organization, offers plenty of pockets, zippers, and space, is the type of design you need to buy.

•    Well-Known Brands

If you are a brand type of hunter then should choose the brand that has the best feedback.  Make sure to search for brands with a good reputation, and a brand that offers best customer service, perhaps a warranty.  When a brand offers a lifetime warranty, this states that they value their product and so should you.

•    Good Price

No one wants to spend an arm and a leg on hunting backpacks for hauling meat. But, let’s face it, high-quality packs will last longer. Don’t be afraid to invest a little, meat is heavy, you don’t want your bag to break.

Endnote—Hunt & Kill; Haul Your Meat Home

When it comes to finding the best hunting backpack, as you can see, there is a wide range of features that you must look for.  Some of these features include a water pack, comfortability, enough organizational pockets for your weapons and gear, along with a pack that isn’t too heavy.

Of course, good material, and balance is also essential, as you don’t want your gear to limit you.  Seek a hunting backpack that is waterproof and has a lifetime warranty.  Our favorite backpack on the list is the Badlands 2200, for the mere facts, this hunting backpack contains strong KXO-32 fabric, a lifetime warranty, a hydration pack, lots of durability and strength, along with tons of versatility.

When it comes to hunting packs, the choice is up to you, it all depends on your preference and comfortability level. Do not let your new hunting backpack get in the way of hauling your meat home, enough said.