Best GoPro For Hunting in 2022 | Reviews By Experts

Video cameras have certainly advanced over the years and have changed the way we hunt and capture intriguing and unforgettable footage. It is about time you snap all of the scenic imagery you come across. In this guide, we will point out the Best GoPro cameras for hunting.

The Value of Having a GoPro (Why you must have the best GoPro for hunting )

GoPro cameras can bring a lot of value to your hunting  trip, especially, if you want to be able to show your family, friends, or the world what you see on your precarious journeys out in the wilderness. With cameras being made more lightweight, affordable, and accessible it is important to get your hands on a GoPro. The images you catch will bring great joy to your life and many others who watch your videos.

These moving images will prove to be vivid, bright, and have high-definition, depending on the camera you choose to buy. There are several things you need to look out for if you want to buy the best GoPro camera on the market.

You want to make sure your new camera does not weigh you down. As it is, you will already be carrying a lot of extra baggage on your back, so luckily GoPro cameras are small and can easily be secured to a helmet or other hands-off type of equipment.

Before you start to buy just any GoPro camera to capture your hunting memories, you need to keep in mind that you will need to purchase a GoPro that has enough memory space. Otherwise, you could be left in the cold when it comes time to capture an incredible animal that will likely scurry on and away as soon as they see your flash.

What are the best GoPro for hunting in 2022?

GoPro Hero Session

GoPro Hero Session

For all of you hunters who aren’t exactly cameramen or women, this device will prove worthy of your time, simply because it is incredibly easy to operate. When using this GoPro you will only need to press one button, then viola, you will be recording in no time! Whether you prefer to catch video or picture, you will be enabled to get both.

The great feature this GoPro offers is its ability to withstand extreme weather conditions. You will not need to cover this with any type of protective cover as it is waterproof and ready to go at the drop of a hat.

This camera supports up to 128GB, which is quite a lot of space. No hunter around would benefit from a GoPro with very little memory space. Not having enough GB space could prove to be detrimental on your long hunting  journey. We all know, hunting  takes times, precision, and patience.

This camera comes with 1080p60 video and 8MP photo capturing capabilities, is entirely tiny, and very simple to use. You will be given a lot of flexibility when it comes to mounting this GoPro.

Since you’re a hunter, the best ability this camera offers is versatility and stealthiness. Unlike other cameras, GoPros never get in the way of the entire hunting experience.

If you are planning on being deep in the water all while you film and hunt, it is highly advised that you use a protective case for this model, just in case. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Since this GoPro is affordable and gets the job done, we highly recommend this version as it will feel as if you are not carrying any excess baggage. Consider this a fly on the wall type of camera.

One-click and you are ready to roll.

What we like:
• Easy-to-use (operates with one button)
• Very compact
• Water and weatherproof

Our concerns:
• The battery life could be improved slightly (once the battery level goes to zero, you cannot switch batteries, you will have to wait for this GoPro to charge)

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GoPro Hero 5 Session

GoPro Hero 5 Session

Perhaps you are a camera and hunting specialist? If so, you may think about looking into this GoPro for simple reasons. For one, this device offers 4K video with 10MP photos, as well as a time-lapse option, and burst mode. The camera design is sturdy and waterproof for up to 33ft, without needing a protective case.

Start this action camera with the touch of one button, press— a record. As with any device these days, you will need to consistently update your software to keep it running smoothly. A user manual is included when you purchase the GoPro Hero5 Session.

This model is black and provides a very sleek look along with a guaranteed product warranty. The fact that this device offers a warranty, is another reason why all hunters find this GoPro to be worth it. When we spend our hard working money on new equipment, if it breaks, it doesn’t break the bank.

We highly recommend getting a GoPro that comes with a warranty, this not only covers the product, but it covers you and your bank account. It very light and can be used as best bow mounted video camera.

If you love the outdoors, which chances are, you do, since you are reading this guide then the 4K resolution will certainly offer a lot of value to your images that you obtain on your long adventures into the wilderness and beyond.

• This hunting camera is light, weighing in at 4.5 ounces
• Uses 1 Lithium Polymer batteries (included with purchase)
• Product warranty is included

• There is no LCD screen to refer back to in real-time
• This camera is known to work better in warmer weather rather than cold; some may have experienced the battery dying out in cold weather

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GoPro Hero 6 Black

GoPro Hero 6 Black

If you are looking for a way to quickly send all of your footage directly to your smartphone with no fuss, then you have found the solution. The GoPro Hero6 Black has a feature to automatically sends your video footage directly to your phone. You will then be prompted to download a Quick story app, thereafter you can edit impressive video, wowing all of your audience—giving you an artistic edge.

When you utilize the Quick story app, you will need to make sure that you connect your GoPro app beforehand.

It is about time that you take the initiative as a Hunter to transform your hunting adventures into a story that you can later show people what beauty you see on your hunting trips.

This camera offers 4K60/1080p240. Once you practice using this camera, you will eventually learn how to properly frame your shots, after you do this, the stabilization this camera provides is the best, hands down.

Although the software this version includes—Quick story, could use some updates, you are not limited to using this for post-production purposes. If you are a pro hunter and videographer, we recommend thinking outside of the box and using a professional video editing software such as Final Cut; your color complaints will now be thrown out the window once you do so.

As long as you shoot your footage in good lighting then color should not be an issue. The ISO maximum setting is 100 and the wifi connection is faster than any other GoPro currently on the list. Since you are a Hunter and ‘action’ is likely your middle name than it is highly advised that you consider this camera as it truly is a valuable gem.

This camera is impressive, especially if you are aiming to gather wild hogs, which prove to move quickly, once they know they will be your prey.

It may be harder to find, but it is well worth it—you will need a micro SDXC or SDHC memory card for this GoPro version. You can easily purchase this on Amazon with zero issues.

In our hunting experiences, this camera happens to be the best on the list, simply because GoPro updated many features for this version. Touch the record button and your video capturing session will begin. To end recording, simply touch the same button.

If you are on the market for excellence video, zero vibration, extreme details, and amazing light and color balance, this camera will become your number one choice. As soon as you use it once, you will not want to regress back into the older GoPro versions, this is a given.

What we like:
• Provides the best quality imagery on the list
• The stabilization this GoPro offers is exceptional
• Offers a touch zoom feature, along with the ability to easily frame your shots
• 5GHz Wi-fi (3x faster when it comes to sending videos and photos to your phone) Note* When you transfer your footage to your phone, this will not use your cellular data (another plus)

Our Concerns:
• The battery can prove to die in a short period of time
• The Quick story app that is included can sometimes limit you to 60-second videos, this can be discouraging for those of you who prefer to record longing hunting journeys Buy Now

GoPro Hero 5 Black

GoPro Hero 5 Black

If you are looking for photos that provide a stunning result then seek no further than the GoPro Hero5 Black, this action hunting camera offers a solid and durable build that withstands water up to 33ft without needing any type of protection. The amazing feature this camera offers is the ability to use time-lapse intervals. Each time-lapse offers 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30, 60 seconds.

If you are looking to record high-performance photos and videos when you are out on your hunting endeavors than purchasing this type of GoPro may become your favorite hobby. This version is easy-to-use and you can send all of your hunting footage straight to your phone. Once you send your awesomely captured videos of deer, elk, hogs, the beautiful trees, and fields; who knows, maybe even a bear, you will quickly have the ability to edit your footage on your phone.

Once you upload your content, you will be able to upload your footage straight to the internet via your smartphone. Hunters need to look for very portable cameras, this works. Of course, as a Hunter, you know that sounds that emit from the wilderness can be magical, this GoPro offers a multidirectional sound recording feature which captures high-quality sound.

The large touchscreen and durable design is worth every penny GoPro charges for this particular model.

If you are new to GoPro cameras, we advise newbies to use this version as the 128gb memory space offers you all the time you need to keep recording. The build this design offers is sturdier than most other versions. This hunting action camera can be dropped and the impact will usually never phase this model.

Every hunter needs stabilization since you will be on the ground, running, and moving throughout bushes, this version offers a stable-like appeal and outcome, leaving you with a video that is entirely breathtaking.

If you happen to be in extremely hot or cold weather, this model can withstand this type of weather, while other versions have proven to be less reliable. Before purchasing this GoPro, you’ll need to determine what type of terrain and weather conditions you will be hunting in.

Every hunter who wants to capture the aesthetic beauty of the outdoors, this model will be your calling.

What we like:
• Functional and easy-to-use
• Access to send your hunting footage straight to your smartphone
• Offers quick charging capabilities
• If you are an Android smartphone user, this device offers Android connectivity
Our Concerns:
• AC charger is not provided
• The USB port has been known to jam on occasion

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How To Record Your Hunt Using a GoPro, Setup, and Tips

Luckily, when it comes to GoPro, the operation is most likely always easy. The makers of this brand, prefer users to explore on their adventures rather than have to fiddle around with this device. In fact, there will be little fiddling as long as you choose the right camera for your specific needs.

Of course, using a GoPro is easy, as the manufacturers strive to make it easy for adventure seekers. Since you are a Hunter and you will be carrying heavy equipment, it may be wise to mount your GoPro onto a hat, helmet, or another location that is stable, such as the barrel of your shotgun.

You don’t want to have to hold your GoPro as this will definitely take away from your ability to hunt with precision.

1. You need to decide where your GoPro will be placed

2. Choose a mounting location that allows you to be hands-free at all times

3. Your main goal when you are hunting needs to be to kill your prey

4. Once you buy a sportsman’s mount, you will obtain an easy setup guide that will take less than five minutes

Note* Keep in mind, as you know, hunting is an investment in itself, it is important to realize that you will need to invest in a mount for your GoPro, otherwise, this task will prove to be cumbersome. Never restrict yourself from your ultimate goal when you are out on the field. Don’t scare your prey away, and make things as easy as you possibly can.

GoPro has already provided you with utmost ease; now the way you mount your camera has to also exhibit this type of strategy.

You need to make sure that you buy a sportsman’s mount, which GoPro offers as an additional accessory or you can choose to buy a different brand. Make sure that you choose quality products as you don’t want your gear to break midway into your hunt as this will defeat the entire purpose of capturing hunting footage.

Pricing is affordable as with all GoPro equipment, so it may be wise to stick with GoPro accessories as you will be provided with effective simplicity. After all, this brand is made to be easy-to-use. The whole concept is press, record, and go!

Some quick tips to follow when you are out in the field hunting and using a GoPro to capture unbelievable footage includes:

• Purchase a GoPro that has a lot of memory capacity.

• Make sure to choose the GoPro that has the longest lasting battery, as you won’t have access to outlets when you are out in the wild terrain.

• You also need to ensure that your GoPro offers high-quality capturing.

• If you happen to be a photo connoisseur than it is wise to seek out a GoPro that offers additional features such as time-lapse and a viewfinder, this way, you can see the videos and pictures you’ve captured.

• When you are moving around swiftly on the trail, your GoPro needs to include an option for stabilization video. This will enable you to capture on-the-go type of footage without adding dizziness to your final footage.
• A stabilizer helps keep your footage intact while you venture out on your hunting journeys.

More Quick Tips When You Are Hunting And Using a GoPro To Capture Footage
• Make sure to swiftly get close to your subject, otherwise, your footage may lack in quality.

• When you buy a sportsman’s mount, you will be able to clip your GoPro onto the barrel of your shotgun or on your bow stabilizer—depending upon what your choice of hunting weapon is.

• Keep in mind, these mounts are not cheap.

• If you are hunting in the day and night, you may want to look into getting blackout housing. This basically keeps any flash that emits from your GoPro covered up; hence your animal subjects will not be scared away from your video camera presence.

• It is also vital that you wait for good lighting during the day when you capture your footage, this will assure that you gain natural lighting, which is always best when it comes to capturing video and photography footage.

• If you want your footage to look incredibly detailed, then it is wise that you wait for the sun to come out as the natural lighting will do wonders when it comes time to edit your footage.

• Make sure to purchase a GoPro that does not come with a protective housing and is waterproof, as adding additional layers added to your GoPro can cause your audio to sound muffled.

• Keep in mind, if you don’t have audio to couple along with your video/photography footage, the ending outcome could lack in quality.

• There are plenty of interesting sounds that occur in the wilderness as you know. The sounds of a turkey gobbling or a deer frolicking through the vast fields can make or break your video.

With the tips above, you will be able to capture everything from deer, elk, turkey’s fish, bugs, grass, trees, coyotes, you name it. There are plenty of interesting subjects you will see when you are out and about. Don’t limit yourself by purchasing lesser quality, as your battery may run out when it comes time to capture a once in a lifetime animal that you may never come across again.

Once you start using a GoPro, you will be glad you did, especially after you upload your footage. It takes time to get used to using this type of camera, but after several attempts, you become a professional GoPro user. You will then want to improve your hunting game, in order to show others what type of cool footage you’ve found on your hunting excursions.

Get out there and capture away, as mother earth has tons of beauty the world needs to see. Maybe you’ll become the next famous hunter from the shots you were able to capture. You never know, National Geographic may just give you a call, once your hunting footage goes viral online.

As you can see, in the year 2022, a journey into the wilderness doesn’t really exist unless you capture it on your camera. In this case, a GoPro provides flexibility, great picture quality, and is easy-to-use. It all depends on what type of hunter you are, do you prefer morning or night?

Be sure to utilize today’s amazing technology to grow your audience.