11 Best Climbing Sticks in 2022 | Reviews By Expert

While some hunters prefer to lie in wait on the ground for their prey, some really do prefer to lay ambush by creating a tree stand. However, there is usually a difficulty of climbing very tall trees and might be dangerous as well as you may easily miss your steps.

This is why Climbing sticks are specifically designed to protectively help you climb and lead you to your stand. The fact is that there are a number of companies who manufacture these quality models of hunting climbing sticks. But great care and caution needs to be taken so that you may end up choosing the quality brands. This buying guide simply helps you through with this.

Below are the reviews of best climbing sticks in 2022 available in the market:

Guide Gear 20’ Climbing Sticks

Any angler can have the best value for all his climbing sticks. They have a packable design which has about five (5) sections of these Guide Kit Climbing Sticks.  They are also very effortless to move about via the woods, easier to gather together and fix. Perhaps, you are heading into the forest you do not want to see yourself dragging about a very heavy ladder tree plank. With this variety of climbing sticks you are afforded the chances of striking out with the hang-on tree plunk and can set about working to fill that freezer.

It is quite strong and sturdy and has an all-metal construct. It has five 4 sections which makes it possible for it to be quite portable and allow for easy storage. The strong angled steps also guarantee some sort of safety and security. It likewise allows for optimal stability. The buckle system joins you climbing sticks to the tree very promptly and fastidiously and safely. The prompt-connect snap attachments are also secure and allow for convenient assembly. The construction is made of steel and the numbers of sections are five in number altogether. The length of the sections is also in four inches.

The weight capacity is also about 300 lbs. The general height is also in 20 inches. The weight also comes to exactly 23.13 lbs. The dimensions of the product are 51.5 by 12.5 by 5.5 inches. The item weight is into about 26.3 pounds. The same applies for the shipping weight as well. The manufacturers are Guide Gear.


  • Great durability
  • Workable affordability
  • Portability
  • High quality sections
  • Easy to set up
  • Portability, durability, flexibility, etc


  • Incomplete components like bolts may occur
  • Rust spots

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Summit Treestands Swiftree Double Step – 22ft

Summit Treestands Swiftree Double Step - 22 Ft- Best climbing stick for saddle hunting 2022

It appears in a novel and enhanced manner. Nonetheless, it is true to what carries it on as the best seller. Summit’s trendy Swiftree ladder avoids your shoe wear from slipping off the branch of the tree. Its strong, enclosed rungs are now even wider for a more convenient entry which ensures it optimal slip-free security. This is even so when a bulky and large cold season boots are worn.  A joined double step at the top of each compartment offers a more consistent means which then permits you to hang the next swiftree compartment and/ or your climbing treestand with enough ease.

The maximum height is 22ft. The weight limit is however about 260 lbs. It also offers a surer footing. It also aids you in your boot from slipping off the branch. The double welded steps co-exist side by side. The step width is however about 6-inch. The dimensions of the product are 69.1 by 13.8 by 5.9 inches. The weight of the item is 27.5 pounds. The shipping weight is however 30.9 pounds.


  • It has a lightweight feature
  • The components strap quiet easily
  • High quality components
  • Sturdy ladder
  • Relatively convenient to install


  • May look used or rusted

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Big Dog Treestands

Big Dog 20' Double-Step Climbing Stick

This is specifically referred to as a big dog 20 inches Double step Climbing stick.  It is combined with angled double steps and elongated tree braces for convenient and safe climbing. It is also enhanced with five looped button straps. The features and details are as follows; it is made of a metal construction. The angled double steps are good in that they help everyone climb easily. The tree braces are also for safe climbing. The welded steps on both extremes of the ladder afford everyone the opportunity to strike a body balance. It has five (5) pinned four inches compartments.

The product dimensions are 50.4 by 12.4 by 6.3 inches. The weight of the item is exactly rated at 20.7 pounds. The same goes for the shipping weight rate.

Moreover, the item can also be shipped within the United States but cannot be shipped about internationally. In considering a reason why, you may not find yourself adding up a second set and arrange them like up to about 40 inches, you only need to attach anything you desire to the tree top. In some cases as well, you may have to inquire with the manufacturers so as to know whether this would not result in too much weight on the bottom compartments of the trees.

And at some other times you only need to add more two or three sections and even four without it becoming too much heavy. The leaps and bounds above the screw in the tree steps make it to be really a rock solid product.


  • High quality presence
  • Great for your use
  • The feels secure
  • Good quality


  • May be too heavy
  • The straps may be bad too

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Millenial Treestands M210 20’ Stick Chamber

best portable climbing stick 2022

The sections are sectionalized into about five lightweight and quick connect systems from a consistent and greatly portable ladder which is good to pair up with the M100 Lock-on. It also features some sort of exclusive anti-slip rung which is constructed to adjust the weight and offer some increased grip which would not freeze or accommodate any water whatsoever.

It also possesses sufficient standouts and more long cam attachments. The ladder may suit about any tree not minding the shape and the size. The features include a powder coated perfection. It has a lightweight and viable metal construction. It also possesses a double top rung for more security. Moreover, it also has a “V” foot ground preservative. The section extends between about 5 – 4 foot. It has an additional four feet extensions with all accessories available (M-201). It also boasts of an anti-slip step exclusive of about seven feet. The material is made of steel and it has the capacity of about 300 lbs. The weight runs to about 17 lbs. The packing length is about 50-inch and the model goes to about M-210. The dimensions of the product are 240 by 12 by 6 inches.


  • The constituents are of good quality
  • Good for cold-weather conditions
  • Great construction
  • The material made of steel ensures durability
  • The dual top step brings extra security


  • Makes noise while in use
  • The straps up above may detach

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Lone Wolf Treestand Climbing Sticks

Lone Wolf Treestand Climbing Sticks

For going to twenty years the Lone Wolf Company has manufactured and designed climbing sticks, treestands and a number of other complements which offer hunters with the best in terms of strength, mobility and stillness. Lone Wolf being a company situated in the US carries on the assemblage, packaging, manufacturing and shipping of their products in the United States. It also features a carefully protective pivoting step and a V-bracket which allows for a solid grab on the imperfect trees.

It is however relatively easy to make use of and is a flawless coupling to any of the treestands made by Lone Wolf. These Climbing sticks are cleverly crafted to intertwine closely and attach on the Alpha Hang which is on the treestand. These amazing climbing sticks come with turnable rungs for more ease. It is stick length is in 32 inches. The distance between the steps is in fifteen inches. The weight is about 2.5 pounds for every stick. Notably, it is made of a single tube construct.

You need to realize that the product cannot be shipped internationally. It is only shipped about in the United States. It can prove to worth the entire penny spent on its acquisition. They are exceptionally excellent products. They are of a lightweight that makes them very attractive and of good quality on the market.

The Lone Wolf also offers great platforms which permit anyone to staddle conveniently on the tree even if you put on large boots. You can as well attach your stand to different trees since it comes with wonderful flexibility. Moreover, with the reversible steps you can always be candid of more convenience and security. Another lovely feature you are likely to admire about the Lone Wolf is that you can mount the stick in a jiffy and obtain it in time. Old hunters can as well climb without entertaining the fright of falling down.  


  • Sturdy and strong
  • High quality components
  • Quite affordable
  • Excellent Lightweight feature
  • They snap quite fitly


  • Rather expensive

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Muddy Ascender Climbing System

Muddy Climbing stick System

It is regarded as MCS0520- Muddy Ascender Climbing System. It is best described as a 3.5mm neoprene shell. The double layer knees are also reinforced. The top doorway concise with fur craggy hand stove pocket. The cleated sole is also made of a insulate rubber boot. The rear D-ring for net is also available. Two front D-rings for collaborator add-on.

The Y-back flexible suspender straps with contrasting buckles. The inner compartment is also included. The basic and notable features are actually as follows; the Hodgman CASTCBC13 Caster Neoprene is available. The top entry pocket with the fur is lined as a hand warmer doorway. The product dimensions are 240 by 11 by 8 inches. The weight of the item is a pound. The shipping weight is 35.3 pounds as well. The manufacturer is Dreme Corp.


  • Fairly good quality
  • insulate rubber boot
  • Opportunity for a re-package


  • The accessories might not be complete

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Guide Gear Quick Climbing stick

best climbing sticks 2022

It is particularly called the Guide Gear Quick Climbing Sticks, 3 Pack. The item is very durable and safe. It is also notably tree-friendly. It affords a safe and convenient way to get up to an eight inch higher for a better vantage point or to assume your hang-on position. The viable and joined tubular metal frames securely embrace to the tree. The compact size is also just as right to line up on the top as it still offers you with a double step design which can be used to ascend safely. You just need to take it one time after the other if you require to.

No one needs to mess with screw-in rungs that could be broken easily which may bring about injury to you and even the tree. A crafty compact design is greatly tree-friendly. It also possesses a joined tubular metal construct. It supports around 300 pounds weight. The tree attachment on each compartment equally has a prompt and safe strap-on. The product dimensions are 34 by 13.8 by 5 inches. Relating to its height you have about only three segments and each segment goes to about 3 – 4 ft.

Endeavour to space them out properly on the tree as much as it is practicable to move higher. For instance, suppose you place the initial segment about 2.5ft away from the ground it means you can still give an additional segment of about 1 – 2 ft apart. You can often adjust them to any height you require


  • Quite light and easy to set up
  • High quality parts
  • Tubular metal construct


  • They do not fit well into each other

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Summit Treestands Bucksteps

Summit Treestands Bucksteps

Quite common in the hunting world, the summit bucksteps has become a staple hunting tool. The engineers who crafted the tool have made certain significant enhancements to an even tremendous extent. With the newly introduced branch or step or rung you can secure a smaller profile. You are enabled at getting a lightweight material. The silence tree attachment and a new rung construction that attaches the rung to the treestands you would find very useful for an effective climbing experience.

The notable details and features also include some aluminum hang-on branches with some four (4) nesting compartments for convenient and organized shipping. The cover or straps are also designed with reinforced webbing attachment very promptly and solemnly. It is also built for a footing that would be devoid for slipping. This slip-proof advantage is even provided for muddy or snow-iced foot wears like boots. The weight is also in 10lbs and holds up to about 260 lbs. It also features a carrier pouch with has some straps attached. The smaller profile presence also guarantees you to the chances of stacking more quite efficiently.

The attached straps also promptly work with the new strap system. The grip straps on the extrusion. Moreover, the quiet straps are with a reinforced webbing.

The product dimensions are into 26.5 by 10 by 13.9 inches. The normal weight of the item itself is about 8.8 ounces. The shipping weight however differs – 13.15 pounds


  • High quality components
  • Good lightweight conditions
  • It is a decent hunting kit
  • They are well built


  • The steps may prove bulky and difficult to attach.
  • It has a loud noise

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Big Game Quick Stick Climbing System CS050

Big Game Quick-Stick Climbing System

The major features of the Big Games Quick Stick Climbing System are that they afford a safe, quiet and easy assemblage. This unique organization permits the user to hang and mount to your tree stand in a safe manner and quietly from the ground. By so doing it always helps remove any needless manipulation and mounting.

It is constructed with the Rock Solid in mind the steel welded sticks are tightly knitted to the tree with about five one-inch Cam-buckle attachments while the five sleeved compartments with large interchangeable angled steps assist everyone to easily mount the 20 inches to your treestand in little or no time.

This organized system holds a weight rating of 300 pounds and has a general weight of 20 pounds. This climbing system is however built for use as a completely arranged ladder with the lower section in straight connection with or from the ground every time.

The product dimensions are 51.8 by 3.5 by 16.2 inches. The shipping weight is 22.3 pounds. The item is however not eligible in any way for international shipping. It is however shippable within the United States of America. The width of the steps is actually about 10.5 inches. Moreover, the height is about 20 inches. The five sections are of four (4) lbs each. The step design is also of an interchangeable or alternating style.


  • High quality modules
  • More convenient assemblage
  • Value for money
  • Decent Quality


  • One may find the sticks staggered against what’s in the picture

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XOP-XTREME OUTDOOR PRODUCTS Bottomland Climbing Sticks

This specifically relates to the Bottomland Climbing Sticks (4 Pack), Mossy Oak. The Mossy Oak Bottomland climbing sticks outrightly bears out an arch step invention. It also has a properly heat treated metal fast strap buttons. It also has a in depth stand-off brackets which provides more spaces in-between the tree and your own foot wear boots. The stick stacking system is extremely lock tight.

The manufacturer reference is XOP-LMO4.  The up swept steps which are longer and thicker are fascinating and 1” extra bracket space between the stick and tree is the point of distinction between a toes hold similar to a foot hold on the XOP stick.  Possessing such a bigger step makes employing a single step even good. These sticks really feel safe while you climb and are a lot better when coming down.

You may also admire the beefier step steps in place of the small bolt head like lightweight. Anyone who has a lightweight and Muddy Pro sticks should realize that this product is a pretty enhancement over them. They also fit together which makes it another fascinating and attractive quality. Indeed, the addition of Mossy Oak Bottomland camo pattern over them is a wonderful feature.

The package dimensions is43.8 by 12 by 6.5 inches and the weight of the item is 4.8 ounces.

What we like:

  • Great value in exchange for money
  • Quick attachment to the tree
  • Easy to use
  • Superior customer support system
  • A unique functional design
  • The sticks are adaptable for small and large sticks
  • High quality features


  • A little weightier than others

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MCS3000-3A-Muddy Aerolite Climbing Sticks- Best climbing stick for hang an hunt

The Aerolite Climbing System comes with a characteristic which is packed and completely upgraded. It comes with a lightweight; it is packable and quite versatile. The package also comes with 3 non-attached and independent compartments with fold out steps. Each one of them lengthens in at a length of 32 inches and at some step width of ten inches. It is built from ultra-strong but Alumi-lite aluminum and lightweight.

The climbing system is as well easy to pack and set up. It is also equipped with a hushed cam-buckle system and nylon cleaners. Any opportunity of metal on metal noise makes it absolutely removed. The system weighs about 9 lbs. It also has a total of 350 lb weight rating.

The other important features are also detailed. The stick pack comes alongside several compatible muddy fixed position treestand models. It is designed for use on craggy or straight trees. The fold steps are dual in sections. The construction is also made of aluminum. The total height is 12.5 inches. The height per section is however in 32 inches. It can also be installed non-dependently. It is also 10 inches wide. It is as well packable being designed to pack with several compatible fixed position stands. The fasteners are by 1-1 inches. The cam-buckle strap is also silent. The tree size on which this climbing stick can be used must however be for a minimum of 9 diameters.

The dimensions of the product are 32 by 10 by 4 inches.  The item weight is also only a pound.


  • It possesses step on either sides
  • High quality components
  • Convenient packing and easy to use
  • It is durable
  • Made of a lightweight and quite strong
  • An awesome climbing stick


  • Not useful for trees less than 9” diameter

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How to choose best climbing sticks in 2022?

Firstly, when climbing stick is purchased you can be quite glad with them but you may end up not being contented with the quality delivered.

A bad climbing stick has the following drawbacks

  • It may not get you to the tree height you might want to assume
  • It is somewhat cumbersome and herculean to take along in a package
  • You are also denied the flexibility of turning locations on the fly. This means when a climbing stick does make your changing locations inconvenient or rigid it is likely not going to be suitable for your use.

In the light of those factors one may have to effect certain changes in one’s choice of climbing sticks which just hands you the expected results

One of thing you would find in a very good climbing stick is the lightweight presence and would at the same time be greatly sturdy. Let us consider some few points on the best climbing sticks.

  1. Adjustability

A way-off bracket permits the hiker to bend the stick to the curve of the tree. This also presents more boot room and a more secure climbing. The wonderful thing about this mark is that one would be able to alter the tallness and elevation of the tree stand.

  • Robustness and Sturdiness

Moreover, ensure you opt in for a climbing stick that has a strong and robust steel shaft which is 3 – 4 feet long with numerous climbing spikes joined to every plane for easy climbing. A tree stand that presents a stronger angle step would surely offer a safer and convenient climbing.

  • Portability

Moreover, endeavor to search if each compartment of the climbing stick is portable and packable sufficiently for transit. You may also desire to consider if the climbing stick arrives with a more effective make-up which is secure and easy to use. Folding some climbing stick is a wonderful option. Having this attribute in place you can then conveniently drive the climbing sticks on your backpack very easily.

  • Weight

This is another important feature you need to consider while choosing your best climbing sticks. The weight of the models that are best is always strong enough to support you while hiking the tree stand. The rationale behind this is that the stick will provide you the option to conveniently tour from one area to another while climbing. This happens especially when your initial hunting spot is not proper or if you desire to try out some new location.

  • Flexibility

A climbing stick with superior performance usually has ample flexibility. With this functionality ready you are afforded the opportunity to locate the stand the moment you identify a proper hunting area for animals.  In addition, the greater flexibility permits you to climb up or down without so much noise. A good flex on a climbing stick really helps you to ensure good and prompt installation.

  • Huge Steps

Ensure you also see that your choice climbing stick are with large steps when you purchase them. This is to ensure that they will be able to accommodate large boots. This will enable the hunter to mount up without any trace of inconvenience or the fear of falling. With that ready, you are constantly sure of an added convenience and safety.

  • Great height

Before you settle for a climbing stick which you expect to perform optimally you need to take into consideration the height of the climbing stick. The climbing sticks must be as high as you desire it to be. Some hunters actually go for such sticks that are between 20 and 25 ft tall. However, you just need to look into your skill level and relate it to the height of the climbing sticks that keeps you covered.

Type of climbing sticks

Whichever way one desires to climb up on a tree one has got to go up the tree. One can either use a ladder stand / steps or use a climbing stick.

  • Tree Sticks

Tree sticks are to an extent new on the market scene. They consist of a central steel tube of a particular length with steps coming out on either side which can be joined to the tree. They also come in sections which can be attached one on top of the other so as to attain the desired stand height. They are so light and portable and they constitute a safe and secure ladder that mixes with the tree.

  1. Tree Steps

They are simply shaped in “Z” steel metal steps. Of the two they are most mobile and can be the best option if you are putting up a stand far away from the field. You also need to ensure that they are very well fastened as a loose can destroy your hunting expedition.

Benefits of Climbing sticks

Hunters now opt in for a wide variety of climbers that makes getting up in the tree a lot easy and comfortable all day long. Still, many prefer the easiness of the hang-on type of tree stand which is not a type of free stand anymore. And it is equally not a seat that bolts or straps straightaway to the tree. The benefits of using climbing sticks are quite numerous and they are considered as follows;

The mobility of a tree stand or climbing sticks is one benefit it offers all hunters. The capability it has to change the stand locations at the twinkling of an eye and be silent while you do so is a very important trait you need to consider. In addition, you are also able to go for a new facility each time you go out. This another credit to the usage of climbing sticks.

Also, the fact that you are able to carry it about is also a very important feature to look out for. Some of the kits are lightweight materials and they help you to carry them around. Furthermore, you need to realize that they are quite easy setting up. It takes very few minutes to get into a climbing stick and be almost totally concealed. This notwithstanding you need to realize you must find suitable trees for your climbing sticks

How to use climbing stick?

There is a way by which one can use a climbing stick. Getting the product in a tree the best advice on can get is to practice. As they say practice teaches better than knowing principles. This does not mean you are going to despise clear directions especially as given by the manufacturers but that you will take your time to really practice all that you have observed and learnt so far. Moreover, you can as well employ the linesman belt and a security rope. You may slide the rope up the tree as high as a reach can go. Even with that, at the commencement of every season, you may feel some shaky trying to set it up.

Strangely though, you may desist from climbing trees altogether if you are not ready to abide by the enumerated safety precautions.

As you begin, put on your harness and attach the security rope or attachment to the tree. Tie the stand to the end of the rope and leave it to the ground. Subsequently, you may place the initial climbing stick. Then, you may use the band from each stick and ring them over your shoulder and the alternating sides. As you climb the tree try and push the security rope up above you. Endeavor to un-sling the subsequent climbing stick in the stack hanging away from your shoulder and do that until you are the entire route up as far as you want to go.


After considering all the varieties of the climbing sticks that we have reviewed, we came to a reasonable conclusion that XOP-XTREME OUTDOOR PRODUCTS with Bottomland specifications and Mossy Oak is the best to use as a climbing sticks. The principal reasons being that it gives great value in exchange for money. It also possesses some quick attachment to the tree. As against many other models out there, it is very easy to use. The manufacturers also provide excellent customer support system and it also boasts of some unique functional design. Equally, the sticks are adaptable for small and large sticks. The most attractive part of it is that it poses high quality features.