Best Broadheads for Elk & Deer Hunting 2022 | Reviews

There are few hunts that are as primitive, daunting, and exhilarating as a bow hunt for elk. And elk hunters, more than anyone, always seem ready to take on the most difficult challenges that are out there.

Taking down a bull elk with your bow is one of the greatest challenges, and when you’re within 50 yards of a rutting bull, you better be confident in your broadhead.

In this article, we are going to take a look at the best fixed and mechanical broadhead for elk and discuss the advantages it brings you. We will also dive into ten different broadheads and discuss their advantages and disadvantages in the realm of elk hunting.

Why Use Fixed Broadheads and How to choose best broadhead for elk in 2022?

With mechanical broadheads on the market that offer low wind resistant and high accuracy, why choose a fixed broadhead? Especially when drawing a tag for a big bull where success and failure can be determined by an errant step or gust of wind?

In this section, we are going to look at several reasons why you should put your confidence into a fixed broadhead. Below, this video takes a look at the pros and cons of fixed and mechanical broadheads. 

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Advantages of Fixed Broadheads

  • Consistent Cutting Diameter

With fixed blades, you know the cutting diameter every time you take a shot. When it comes to hunting elk, especially with a bow, you need as much confidence as you can get from your gear. Second, guessing a shot when the time comes is a sure way to end the hunt in disappointment.

  • Deep Penetration

While fixed broadheads might have a smaller cutting diameter compared to mechanical broadheads, which honestly, some fixed broadheads have pretty wide diameters, there is a benefit.

Smaller diameters are going to mean more penetration on the target. For a large game with thick hides and bone, penetration is extremely important. This small diameter localizes the force associated with broadhead, driving it much deeper than a broadhead with a much wider cutting diameter which spreads the force over a larger area.

  • Great Strength

Fixed broadheads, especially those without removable blades, have an incredibly solid design. With fewer parts, it makes these them very durable and able to stay bonded much better than other broadhead types.

When you are shooting an arrow that is getting up to nearly 300fps and hitting an elk, you want a broadhead that is going to stay together and drive as deep as possible. While a proper shot to the vitals isn’t going to encounter thick bones, sometimes shot placement isn’t ideal, especially when the adrenaline is going.

When you’re stalking elk, it’s not a given that you are going to be taking flat shots. Angled shots often present themselves during an elk hunt, and the strength of fixed broadheads is a big advantage. In the chance your shot is a little off, a fixed broadhead’s stability gives you a better chance of staying together and driving home in the chance you do knock it off a shoulder blade.

Choosing Your Broadhead

Not all fixed broadheads are the same. They can differ quite dramatically in their weight, blade numbers, cutting diameter, and tip design. These are the main factors you should consider when picking a broadhead for elk hunting.

  • Weight:

Fixed broadheads have a variety of weights (measured in grains) that are available though not all are recommended for elk hunting. You are better suited going with 100 to 125gr broadhead weights when hunting elk. These weights provide large enough cutting diameters while maintaining and aerodynamic shape. They also provide enough momentum for deeper penetration.

There are hunters out there that use lighter and heavier broadheads, and you can go either way as well. The 100 and 125gr  weights are more common with a lot more options.

Your arrow material will also play a role in this. Carbon arrows do better with the lighter broadheads while heavier aluminum/carbon composite arrows will have better flight characteristics with the heavier weights.

To get the speed, power, and accuracy that you want in your full setup, it’s going to take some time in the field. In the end, broadhead weight choice is also going to be influenced by your arrow, and it’s characteristics, which goes even further down the rabbit hole of choices that lie beyond the scope of this article.

  • Blade Numbers:

Fixed broadheads, in most cases, have 2 to 4 blades. Three and four blade designs are thought to provide a better blood trail due to the cutting of muscle tissue against the grain and are recommended for elk

Look, you can take an elk with a three or four blade broadhead, but they both have some advantages and disadvantages in performance. Those small differences might sway you one way or the other in your decision.

Four blade broadheads provide more cutting surface and provide more damage to internal organs than a three blade broadhead. For hunters that can utilize high draw weights that will make up for the increased resistance due to the higher amount of blades, they like the four blades to optimize the amount of tissue damage.

Three blade broadheads have less resistance working on them and should provide a little more penetration on the target. These are often popular for archers looking to use reduced draw weights, but who still need enough penetration to take an elk.

Most blades on a broadhead are going to have the same specs including length, weight, and amount of cutting surface. In some instances, you might come across broadheads that feature bleeders.

Bleeders are smaller blades that reduce the amount of cutting surface that you are going to get compared to a 4-blade broadhead, but the reduction in the plane surface, in theory, should reduce drag on the broadhead in flight while still providing the extra tissue damage.

  • Cutting Diameter:

There is a line you have to walk with cutting diameters on fixed blade broadheads. You want a wide enough cutting diameter to create enough internal damage and enough to generate a generous blood trail. You don’t want a broadhead that has such a wide cutting diameter that it makes flight erratic and more vulnerable to environmental conditions.

A safe rule to follow for picking out a broadhead is to choose one with a cutting diameter anywhere between 1 to 1 1/2 inches. This is more than enough to create a bloodletting wound and cause some severe damage to internal organs even if the shot is not right on the vitals.

The recommended weights for fixed broadheads that we mentioned most often fall within the recommended cutting diameter.

  • Tip Design:

The tip design is also an important consideration for elk hunting. The two more common tip designs include chisel tips and cut-on-contact tips.

Chisel tips, also known as trocar tips, are going to punch through tough hide before the blades come into contact with the hide but this uses up a lot of the arrow’s energy. They are also much better for dealing with thick bone which you might encounter with angles shots. If you’ve elk hunted, you will know these types of shots come up quite often.

 Cut-on-contact tips slice through hiding rather than punch through it. This design conserves arrow energy and usually results in deeper penetration. And it is not that this design cannot

Generally, chisel tips have a bit more drag than cut-on-contact broadheads, but with more modern designs, this gap has closed.

Depending on the hunter, you will hear arguments for both designs. Again, both can take elk and is going to come down to what you like best

While these are some general guidelines picking out a fixed broadhead for elk hunting, a lot of your choice will just come down to personal preference.

Below are the reviews of top rated fixed blade broadhead in 2022 for elk hunting 

(elk broadhead recommendations)

Muzzy Trocar Broadheads (3/pack)

Muzzy Trocar Broadheads (3/pack)

Muzzy is easily one of the top sources for quality broadheads, although these broadheads are limited to use with crossbows, they have a lot of excellent performance specs if a crossbow is your bow of choice for chasing elk. With 100 and 125gr weights available for this broadhead, they are compatible for elk hunting.

With a 13/16” cutting diameter you are going to get a large enough wound channel in elk to not worry about a blood trail with a well-placed shot. The helical blade design also helps with opening up that wound and allowing blood flow.

We also like this 3-blade helical design because of the stability it adds to the rotating flight of the arrow and makes it a great choice even in less than ideal weather conditions where accuracy is paramount.

These blades have thick blades that we like when having to cut through tough hide and potentially encounter thick bones. The all steel design of these broadheads further add to their strength. With a single piece steel ferrule and a chisel tip, these are great for angled shots and dealing with the potential for having to push through or deflect off the bone.

What we like:

  • Ideal cutting diameter for elk
  • Blade design helps stabilize flight
  • High strength broadhead

Our Concerns:

  • Limited to crossbows

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Trophy Taker Shuttle T-Lock  Broadhead (3/pack)

Muzzy Trocar Broadheads (3/pack)

These 100gr fixed, stainless steel broadheads from Trophy Taker offer a heavy duty broadhead options while staying on the lighter end of weight options for elk hunting.

While the three blades are removable, the T-lock design keeps these blades fixed incredibly well. It’s a great advantage because it allows you to save money on just buying replacement blades, but you still get the strength and reliability of fixed blades.

These are some pretty thick blades (0.041 inches), and while it cuts down a little on the aerodynamics of these broadheads, it pushes them up on the list when wanting strength and when needing to pass through thick bones without fragmenting.  The thicker blade design also allows for more rounds of sharpening without sacrificing blade durability.

Another interesting feature of these blades is that they are not vented. This design helps reduce noise flight, and it helps increase penetration, both are advantageous for elk hunting, but it also increases the drag of the arrow in flight.

We also love that this blade takes the advantages of penetration with cut-on-contact blade design along with the bone cutting advantage often seen with chisel tips due to the thick blades and single piece steel ferrule.

The cutting diameter of this blade is 11/8 inches which falls comfortably in the range you need for elk hunting, and you should have no problem creating a blood trail.

What we like:

  • Heavy duty strength and lightweight
  • Deep penetration
  • Removable blades but very stable
  • Heat treated stainless steel

Our Concerns:

  • Not the most aerodynamic

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G5 Montec Broadheads (3/pack)

G5 Montec Broadheads (3/pack)

What we love about these broadheads is their simplicity and the tough, rugged feel they have when handling them. These broadheads are available in 85, 100, and 125grain weights though we like the latter two for elk hunting. The cut diameter for these broadheads ranges from 1 to 11/8 inches depending on the weight of the broadhead.

The Montec Broadheads are a classic fixed design that has been cut from a single piece of 100% steel. Featuring three blades and a cut-on-contact surface, these broadheads give you incredible penetration. We also like the single piece design because of the strength it conveys to these broadheads.

It is very rare that one of these broadheads are going to break on impact. If you can recover them, you are going to get repeated uses out of each which is an added benefit any hunter wants in their broadheads.

Going along with their durability is how easy these blades are to sharpen. They come out of the pack having already gone through a diamond cut sharpening process, and the ability to keep them a sharp after several uses as out of the pack is not seen in a lot of broadheads.

These broadheads are designed for high-speed crossbow use. With its single piece, rugged design and cut-on-contact tip design, you are going to get both deep penetration and fracture resistance in the chance of hitting bone; both are advantageous when hunting elk.

What we like:

  • Incredibly tough one-piece design
  • Deep penetration
  • Designed for high-speed crossbow use
  • Very easy to sharpen

Our Concerns:

  • A little bulky

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Solid Legend broadhead  for elk Series (3/pack)

Solid Legend broadhead  for elk Series (3/pack)

Solid Broadhead’s Legend series of fixed broadheads are known for their incredible durability. These broadheads are 100% S30V steel which is highly corrosion resistant and takes and keeps a sharp edge.

Solid Broadheads have a lot of confidence in their product and offer a free replacement should the blade fracture or break while passing through or into an animal.

These broadheads are available in 100 and 125gr weights both of which feature a cut-on-contact design and curved blades which help the broadheads aerodynamic performance.

This is a two blade (0.06-inch thickness) design with two smaller bleeder blades. What we really like about how these blades are shaped is how sleek the profile is. Curved blades are a little rarer on fixed broadheads, but the performance of these broadheads should quickly alleviate any concerns.

The profile, cut-on-contact, and the bleeder blades all culminate in a broadhead that gives you excellent penetration. The toughness of the S30V steel also gives this broadhead excellent performance when dealing with thick elk bones. While you might get some chips if you hit large bones, you will most likely get repeated uses from these broadheads and sharpening is a breeze.

As far as cutting potential, the Legend series features 5.32 inches of total cutting edge for the 100gr and 6.12 inches of cutting edge for the 125gr broadhead. You will easily get 11/8 inch or slightly larger wound size, and with the bleeder blades and penetration, blood trails won’t be an issue.

What we like:

  • Excellent aerodynamic performance
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Holds sharp edge
  • Deep penetration

Our Concerns:

  • Out of stock often

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Slick Trick  Magnum Broadheads (3/pack)

Slick Trick  Magnum Broadheads (3/pack)

These Magnum fixed broadheads feature four blades though each opposing blade locks together within the ferrule essentially making it a two blade broadhead regarding stability. These broadheads are available in both 100 and 125gr weight options.

There have been concerns with loose blades on these broadheads, but that is a problem you often run into with removable blade broadheads. For elk hunting, this becomes more of a concern since blade stability is paramount in reaching vital organs protected by thick bones and heavy hide. Besides the blade issue, these are pretty sturdy little broadheads with fully stainless steel ferrules and honestly, when the blades are locked together correctly, they perform similarly to single piece broadheads.

The accuracy of these blades are excellent, and mirror field points pretty closely. With excellent aerodynamic performance, we like these broadheads for shots coming over 50 yards, which are encountered in elk hunting.

These broadheads use quality Lutz Solingen stainless steel that takes and keeps an edge well. The blades are 0.035 inches in thickness and a cutting diameter of 11/8 inches, you are going to enough wound creation to get a good blood trail.

We like the tip on these broadheads. It is a four edge, bone splitting tip that brings features of both chisel and cut-on-contact tips. What it results in is a blade that brings excellent penetration and the ability to hold up when encountering bones.

What we like:

  • Excellent accuracy
  • Great tip design
  • Durable and easy to sharpen blades

Our Concerns:

  • The issue with loose blades

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Wasp Archery Drone Broadheads (3/pack)

Wasp Archery Drone Broadheads (3/pack)

The Drone broadheads from Wasp Archery are available in both 100 and 125grain weights which cover the two weights most often used for elk hunting.

One of the most intriguing features of these broadheads is what the manufacturers label the “smart tip.”  In some cases, the tips are attached to the ferrule via pins or screws. In the case of the Drone broadheads, the trocar tip is pressed on which keeps the edges of the tip aligned perfectly with the four blades. This alignment reduced drag during flight and increases the amount of penetration of the broadhead.

Where this broadhead shines is in its accuracy. The blade angles and alignment with the tip increase the accuracy and a drastically reduced surface area of the ferrule also plays a key role. It further reduces the drag and wind resistance.  This is an excellent choice if you think you are going to be taking 60 to even 70-yard shots.

With the all steel design of this broadhead with the trocar tip, this is a great broadhead for dealing with thick bones. The blades are also made of durable steel, and though they are removable, you wouldn’t know it from the feel and the performance of this broadhead.  The four blades also have a good amount of flex to them which helps reduce breakage when encountering bone.

As for wound creation, the Wasp Drones have an 11/8 inch cut diameter and the potential penetration of these broadheads, you are going to get plenty of damage to vital organs of elk.

What we like:

  • Excellent accuracy
  • Deep penetration
  • Flexible but sturdy blades

Our Concerns:

  • Lot of separate parts to the broadhead

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New Archery Hellrazor Broadheads

New Archery Hellrazor Broadheads

The Hellrazor, from New Archery, is another simple one-piece fixed broadhead that has excellent potential for elk hunting and is a tank of a broadhead.

While simple, don’t let that lead you to think it is not capable. These 0.04″ blades are available in 100 and 125gr weights and feature three blades to give you an 11/8 inch cutting diameter. As far as damage and bloodletting, these broadheads are not going to let a well placed shot clot up.

As with most one-piece steel broadheads, the durability and ruggedness of these broadheads are never in question. The cut-on-contact design gives you incredible penetration. The quality of the steel and bonding process of the blades also make these more than capable of punching through thick bone

These blades come out of the pack incredibly sharp and will remain that way for several uses. This is tough steel, and while it is beneficial for the added durability, it can make the blade a little more difficult to sharpen for some people.

There is going to be some difference in accuracy from field tips to these broadheads, but that is the case with most broadheads. With some practice, you can easily adjust to any changes in placement.

What we like:

  • Very tough and durable broadhead
  • Excellent penetration and bone breaking power
  • Super sharp out of the box

Our Concerns:

  • Can be tough to sharpen

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Magnus Snuffer SS Broadheads (3/Pack)

Magnus Snuffer SS Broadheads (3/Pack)

The Snuffer SS broadheads are available in 85, 100, and 125-grain weight options and as you have already picked up, the 100 and 125 options are best suited for elk hunting. The cutting diameter for the 100 and 125-grain options are 11/16 inches and 11/8 inches which is perfectly fine for wound size for elk.

These broadheads use a three blade, one-piece body with a cut-on-contact tip. Like some of the previous products, this design provides excellent penetration and still has the durability to work with thick bone even without the chiseled tip.

The Snuffer SS broadheads are also heat treated with a Teflon coating. Teflon treated broadheads have been shown to have slightly better penetration than non-coated broadheads of the same design. It is not the ultimate factor in penetration, but with large game animals such as elk, anything to give you a slight advantage is useful.

Accuracy is not an issue with these broadheads. They are going to fly similar to field tips, and every broadhead is spin tested before it hits the market.

The blades do not come out of the package as sharp as most would like, but given the other pros for this broadhead, a few minutes sharpening should be a fair tradeoff.  They are by no means dull but could use a little extra edge.

We also like that the company offers a lifetime replacement guarantee if the broadhead breaks when harvesting a game animal. That level of confidence says something about the quality and durability of these broadheads.

What we like:

  • Great for working with thick bones
  • Very accurate
  • Deep penetration
  • Lifetime replacement

Our Concerns:

  • Blades not the sharpest

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Muzzy Phantom 4-Blade Broadheads (3/Pack)

Muzzy Phantom 4-Blade Broadheads (3/Pack)

The Muzzy Phantom fixed broadhead really lives up to its name. This is a slender and sleek broadhead that features two main blades along with two smaller bleeder blades.

These broadheads were specifically designed to go after the large game such as elk with penetration at the forefront. With incredibly sharp blades, cut-on-contact tip and slender diameter, these broadheads give tremendous penetration even with a thick hide.

We are also impressed with how effective the bleeder blades are on this broadhead. As long as you’re putting the shot in the right spot, there is going to be a decent blood trail to follow. And with the amount of penetration, that trail shouldn’t be too long.

You have two weight options, a 100 grain and 125 grain broadhead with 11/8 inch cutting diameters. Both the main and bleeder blades are made from high-grade stainless steel that are wickedly sharp out of the package. After from practice shots, you are probably going to have to sharpen them back up before heading to the field, but these blades take an edge incredibly well.

The same blade and ferrule design that give these blades excellent penetration also give them field-tip level accuracy. For normal archery ranges, especially for elk, you can put these broadheads on the money as long as you have the rest of your outfit tuned correctly.

We like just about everything regarding these blades and they do have the potential to cut through some bone such as ribs, but they are not going to stand up as well to the larger and thicker bones as other broadheads in this article.

What we like:

  • Very aerodynamic
  • Incredible penetration
  • Excellent wound creation

Our Concerns:

  • Not as structurally sound

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Slick Trick Standard Broadhead (4/Pack)

The Slick Trick Standard Broadheads share a lot of similarities in technology and design used as the Magnum series we covered just earlier. Still, it’s a good opportunity to recap some of those points.

For the differences in these broadheads when compared to the Magnum series, the Standard series has a slightly smaller cut diameter of 1” and slightly thinner blade thickness at .03 inches.  Some people might be hesitant with this cut diameter for elk, but the four blade design with incredibly sharp Lutz steel is going to do enough damage to bring an elk down. There will be a blood trail with a proper shot though you might have to follow it a bit longer.

It still has the excellent penetration and bone busting ability with its bone-splitting trocar tip. And if you remember, smaller diameters actually improve penetration. Like the Magnum, these are sturdy little broadheads whether you go with the 85, 100, or 125-grain weight options. These things have the strength and durability to take elk at normal archery ranges.

As is the case with most removable blades, you’re not going to get a lot of reuses compared to single piece broadheads. More of these do come in a pack which hints that these broadheads can’t take as much abuse as some other broadheads we have covered.

And you won’t have an issue getting these broadheads on target. They have terrific aerodynamic performance, and their smaller diameter might improve their accuracy even more compared to the Magnum rounds, though a lot of that depends on your bow.

What we like:

  • Aerodynamic and accurate
  • Great penetration
  • Very sharp and easy to replace blades

Our Concerns:

  • Borderline cut diameter for elk

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Let’s be honest. Elk hunting requires more preparation and more physical exertion than most other hunting in North America. You often have to get out in wilderness miles away from another human to have a good shot at finding these ancient animals.

With all that goes into the hunt, the last thing you want to worry about is if your broadhead is going to take care of business. We listed several fixed broadheads that can get the job done, but there is one specific product that stands out to us, and that is the Solid Broadheads Legend Series according to us it is best-fixed broadhead for elk hunting in 2022.

These broadheads are made of very high-quality steel that is durable, takes an edge easily, and holds that edge better than most. It offers great aerodynamic performance with its curved blade design and just as good terminal performance including penetration, wound creation, and bone performance.

These blades also come with a lifetime replacement policy for any broadhead that breaks during the process of taking an animal. When the biggest drawback of a broadhead is that it is out stock, you have a pretty darn good product on your hands and you can learn more about hunting and fishing on